Dirty Me/See what you can do with one of the guys here

From Create Your Own Story

You decide it is time to get on with what you are here to do. Although there is no privacy, it seems the two guys are happily watching the videos.

You glance at the guy next to you and notice that he already has his pants unzipped and his penis in his hand. Maybe he is just trying to get caught, given he was apparently almost against your shoulder when you finished the last of the video.

So, the guy next to you might just like showing off, or might be hoping that his wildest fantasy will come true and that you will do something. It is hard to tell. Maybe like one of those strange guys who purposely masturbate in the hotel room to make sure the main "accidentally" catches him. You understand how that feeling goes. You have "accidentally" let more than one person see you.

The other guy is still engrossed, and probably hasn't even noticed someone else in the room, let alone two other people. He is still rubbing the bulge in the front of his pants and seems to be enjoying what he is seeing. You might be able to have fun with him instead, but unlike the guy next to you, he doesn't seem to be ready for other participants.

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