Dirty Me/Another quarter, and maybe you can take care of yourself

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The two men seem to be enjoying their own videos, so you decide you want to watch more and see what happens.

You drop in another quarter.

The man and woman continue having sex with their new partners.

"Oh yes, take me!" The woman screams. "Fuck me good!"

Her partner speeds up, using his long penis to advantage, thrusting in deep, then pulling out. Spreading her pussy with his hands, he opens her up then thrusts in again.

The husband, in possession of his body, thrusts harder hearing them speed up. His partner, the woman he is taking doggy style, moans as he pumps into her soft pussy, over, and over, and over again, moving his hips as fast as he can and trying to penetrate as deeply as he can. Her breasts, hanging down from her doggy style position, wobble back and forth from the strength of his thrusts.

Soon, both men pull out, stroking their penis and spreading their cum over their partners. The husband cums on his partners ass, wiping the tip of his penis along it to clean the tip of his penis, the white, stick cum that is still dangling on the end of his penis.

The wife's stomach and breasts are soon covered with sticky, hot cum from her partner. She slides her finger through it and tastes her partners cum, smiling and winking at her husband, wearing her body.

Trying to one up the husband trapped in her body, the wife, using the husband's body, throws on a robe and leaves again. Soon, two more women are brought in with him. The wife, seeing this, does the same. Soon, many hot, sweaty men and women are involved in an all out orgy.

As you watch the video, you carefully slide your hands down the front of your pants. With their baggy fit, it is easy to move your hand around. You work your way past the elastic on the top of the panties, down through your fur, and finally to your slit. Slowly, carefully, so the two men in here with you don't hear what you are doing. Your fingers massage your clit as you bite your lower lip to stop yourself from moaning as your fingers work their magic. You push harder, faster, bringing yourself closer. Imagining yourself in the middle of the orgy, surrounded by all these men, being desired, wanted, lusted after. Imagining all these eyes on you, their every focus on you, your body, using you, pleasing you, loving you, wanting you. You feel yourself getting close, and love the thought of being the center of their attentions, with everyone there just for you. A whole room full of men, just for you.

"Oh yes!" You cry out. "Oh god yes!"

You climax, almost collapsing to the floor, enjoying the sensations running through you. Luxuriating in them. Reality slowly dawns on you. Where you are. Who else is in the room.

You look around you, and see the two men staring directly at you, the one close to you almost touching you. You can feel his breath and smell what he ate, he is so close.

You panic, realizing this isn't what you planned. This isn't what you want.

A scream ripping from your throat, the man jumps and backs away quickly, as you find yourself running out of the room. Running to your car. Fumbling for your keys.

You try to get a grip on yourself as you sit in your car. Maybe you could have enjoyed that, but being caught by surprise like that scared you. As your breathing calms down and your heart beat returns to normal, you think about it, and realize you could have enjoyed showing yourself off in a place that people would probably like to see it. However, at the same time, you just completely embarrassed yourself and feel totally humiliated. You think about what you want to do next.

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