Dirty Me/I don't want to remember

From Create Your Own Story

You shudder involuntarily. Remembering hurts, and only makes you want to cry.

You put away your stuff, and settle down on the computer, reading a few Create Your Own Adventure stories, some funny, some stupid, some just horrible. You check your email and find a few funny videos.

Eventually it is time for bed.

You hop into the shower, removing your clothes, and rub soap over your body.

After you are clean, you spend more time in the shower.

Your fingers roam over your skin. No matter what the kids at school say, you are not ugly.

You bring your fingers to your nipples, rubbing around and on top in soft circles, feeling them react to the stimulation. As they get stiffer, harder, the sensation increases, bringing a slight thrill to you.

You put your other hand between your legs, running your finger across the slit of your pussy until you plunge it in.

Stimulating your nipples, penetrating your pussy, soon has you panting, fighting against letting out a moan.

You move your hand away from your nipple and down to your pussy, rubbing the top, working your way to the hood.

You push hard, grinding your clit against your pelvic bone, while your other fingers curl inside your pussy, pushing against the wall, towards the belly. Push the g-spot, mash the clit. Rubbing harder, breathing picking up, you feel yourself getting closer.

Pushing the hood aside, you rub your clit more, fingers working up and down over it, grinding it. Direct contact with your clit pushes you hard, driving all thoughts out of your head. You moan then, not even thinking about your parents hearing you. The stimulation on your clit almost becomes torturous, your body ready for release. Harder, faster, deeper. You punish it, torturing your clit, massaging your g-spot, wanting to climax, to feel the satisfaction wash over you, the bliss flood into you. Faster, harder, deeper. Your fingers work frantically, and you feel your pussy tighten around you. Your pussy clamps down, squeezing your fingers, as you feel waves of euphoria wash over you. You pull your fingers out and away as you feel yourself giving into the bliss, as you loose your sense of self, of everything. This moment. This pleasure. Nothing bad, or good. Nothing hurting you, or hating you. Just pure pleasure washing through you.

As you come back to your senses, you feel the glasslike surface of the sink under you, where you reached out to steady yourself.

Legs weak, you grab the towel off the rack and dry yourself off. Once snuggled into bed, as you feel helplessness, hopelessness come over you again, you escape the only way you know how, now that you no longer get high. You slip your hands under your panties, and start over again.

The next day starts like any other school day: a quick shower, scrambling into your clothes, a few strokes with the brush to untangle your hair, a quick bowl of cereal, and dashing about trying to figure out where your keys are, your science book, your pencil.

You eventually arrive at school, late as usual, and interrupt the teacher as you open the classroom door and head to your desk, keeping your eyes on the floor.

While passing by one desk, you feel your foot hit something. You pitch forward, falling to the ground with a thud. Your hip hurts, and you feel tears well up in your eyes. The teacher looks on as if nothing happened.

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