Dirty Me/Slap him

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You jump up, walking right in front of him. He smirks at you, and you hear him mumble under his breath.

Your hand comes out of no where, taking him full across the face. Your palm connects, sound coming off it, loud in the suddenly quiet classroom.


You shake your hand, the palm stinging. His face starts turning red, the outline of your hand print showing on his cheek. Before he even has time to react, the teacher is out of his seat, marching towards you.

"Young lady! What are you doing?" He looks at the bully, looks at the red hand print on the side of his face, and looks back at you. His hand reaches up and grabs your ear.

"We are going to the principles office, now!" His last word comes out almost a roar, and his hand, holding your ear, almost makes you stand on tip toe.

The bully glares murder at you, but doesn't say anything. After all, it's not like he is getting in trouble.

The teacher continues talking to you as he marched you down.

"I don't know what has gotten into you."

"You have always been such a bad student. Maybe I will push for expulsion."

"Hitting another student, why would you do that?"

On and on he drones, with you trying to ignore him. As much as you can ignore someone dragging you by the ear.

You arrive at the office, where the teacher almost throws you by your ear at the secretary.

"Please tell the principal that this one struck another student," he says in a huff. "She should be expelled."

God, he acts like I hit him. And he is the one who ignored the asshole tripping me.

It won't matter. Your parents and the principle know each other quite well anyways, since he calls your mom almost every single day for skipping this class or that one.

"It is the principles job to decide if a student deserves to be expelled, not yours. I will take care of her from here. You can go back to your class," she tells the teacher, not exactly kindly either. Once he has left, she looks at you. "What are we going to do with you? Well, go on in. He is out right now, but should be back in a few minutes. And don't touch anything." She shakes her head as you go into the principles office.

As you sit there, you look at everything around his office. He has two bookshelves, mostly full of child psychology, teacher education, and administration principles. He has a desk, covered with paper, like almost every movie of the normal office dweller. Here and there are toys, taken from students, on display, almost as if they were a trophy.

You poke around a little more, but eventually get bored. You find yourself half drifting off, thinking about the desk, and you, and the principle.

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