Dirty Me/Pick yourself up and ignore it, like normal

From Create Your Own Story

You stand back up, hearing the other students laugh, and continue looking at the ground as you go to your desk.

You wish you were surprised that the teacher has not said anything, but this is pretty normal for you, sadly. The name calling. The stupid trips, and pokes, and constant teasing. The teachers don't even bother doing anything. Sometimes it just feels like too much, and you wish you would just die.

The teacher turns back to the board and continues writing math equations.

((x + y)(1/3))/z

The students, thankfully, pay attention to the teacher, rather than you, letting you sink into oblivion and focus on class, rather than ignoring the other students.

As the bell rings, the teacher asks you to stay behind. The bully shoves your book off your desk as he passes, but you just let it sit there until everyone but the teacher has left. You gather up your book and turn around to find the teacher staring at you.

You sit back at your desk, wondering how much trouble you are in for interrupting his lesson when you arrived late.

You stare at your desk and feel him walk over to you.

"How is my special girl?" he says, while placing a hand on your shoulder.

You cringe a little. More and more, he has been...touching you. Not in intimate spots, but your shoulders, your knee, your arm. Pulling you close, so his face is right in yours as he talks to you, his breath heavy with whatever he ate for breakfast of that given day.

"I'm fine," you mumble. He slides around to the side of the chair, and pulls your right leg, swinging you out to face him. He places a hand on your thigh as he continues talking to you.

"You were late again," he says, frowning at you. "And you interrupted my lesson." He sighs, then continues. "And what was all that crying?"

You look him in the eye, shocked. "But, but..." you try to get out, but he shushes you with a finger to your lips.

"Here, I have something for you," he says, handing you a hair bow. You look at your lap, and try to mumble something that seems like a thanks. "Now look at me. You don't want me to send you to the principal's office with a note about your tardiness, do you?"

You shudder, thinking of how much trouble you would be in if he called your parents yet again.

"No," you mumble.

"I know the other kids tease you, but you are special to me. You are just too grown up for them. I just want you to know that." You nod, actually feeling a little better, being told that you are more mature than the other students. You can already feel more tears forming. "There there," he says, wiping away your tears. "I won't tease you. Or send you to the principal." He puts your hand in his, and you can feel his eyes on you.

"Thank you," you again mumble.

"Anyways, you should go to your next class," he says, then shocks you as he gives you a quick kiss on the cheek and a pat on your leg. "I hope you like the bow," he says as he goes back to his desk, bent over papers as he grades them.

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