Dirty Me/Hang up on him and move on with life

From Create Your Own Story

You hang up, not even bothering to say another word, then sink down to the ground, crying. Your world collapsing in around you.

Your phone dings, letting you know a message just arrived. It is the same number, with nothing but a weblink.

You click on it, and are greeted by a picture, of you, naked, and multiple guys around you.

None of the guy's faces are shown, but yours is. You breasts being groped. Your mouth being violated. Your pussy being filled.

You retch. Seeing yourself on this website, your body raped while your mind was not coherent, makes you feel small, weak, pathetic.

You see at the bottom of the post a video link. Clicking on it, you see yourself on the video, and all the things they did to you. It must have been at least 6 guys. You stop watching, so don't really know for sure. You even notice your Facebook information is posted with everything else.

The phone rings again. With shaking hands, you pick it up.

"So, did you enjoy the link? Looks like you are a star."

You hang it up again.

The caller continues calling back over the next few days. Finally, you turn the phone off completely.

The Facebook messages start, slow at first, then increasing.

"Hey sexy. We should hook up."

"So, you like lots of guys? I have lots of friends who want to join you."

"You fucking slut cunt. You should die."

"Fucking whore, you are going to hell. I hope you get raped there."

"I want you so bad I can almost taste you. Call me back, I promise I will make you happy."

"I want to use your body. I love your pussy, and want to abuse it until we both cum, again, and again, and again."

On and on they go. Both sexual advances as well as insults. Sometimes both in the same message.

Finally, you even stop logging onto Facebook. You stop checking your email. You find yourself withdrawing from the world.

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