Dirty Me/Time to ask your mom for advice

From Create Your Own Story

You hear the front door open and go to the living room.

"Mom," you say, voice shaking slightly, on the verge of tears.

"Something terrible has happened."

You tell your mom about what happened, and show her the website. You feel completely embarrassed and humiliated, her seeing you like this.

She comforts you and later, calls the police to report it.

While the police report, you notice that most of your friends stopped responding to you. When you actually bother to log into your Facebook, it is more of the same. Message after message pours in. Friend request after friend request. And one and all, they are ugly, for either assuming you are some slut who will have sex with anyone, or insulting you for being a slut that will have sex with anyone.

Finally, the police finish the investigation.

"I am sorry," the officer tells you and your mom. "There is nothing we can do about it. Sending pictures is not a crime, and we cannot prove that your daughter, that you, were raped."

He continues, trying to let you two know that they are warning the guys, and they have said they will not send around pictures like this again, but they can't do anything.

A year passes, two. You find yourself using again. Partying. No longer caring. You were always right, you are evil and dirty and worthless, and do not deserve happiness. Your mom tries to help you. She sends you to a clinic, to rehab. You dad tries imprisoning you in your own house. You even end up in jail a couple times. Prostitution, drug use, public indecency. You can see the despair in your parent's eyes, and their worry for their little girl. You stop taking care of yourself, and stop feeling anything.

After being raped two more times, after ending up in the hospital multiple times after being beaten or overdosing, your body is eventually found.

'Drug overdose' is listed as the cause of death.

The End

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