Dirty Me/Just keep trying to move on, it will blow over

From Create Your Own Story

You find yourself in a place of emptiness. No friends. No internet contacts. Eventually you set up a new Facebook, but it is empty of people. You convince your parents to get you a different phone number without explaining why, but find yourself with no one to call.

A couple weeks later, you find yourself over the toilet, throwing up.

Maybe I am sick? You think to yourself.

The next day, you again find yourself over the toilet.

Worrying about what is wrong, and afraid you might know, you go to the store. You search, and finally find a pregnancy test.

You slip it into your pocket when no one is looking, hiding around the corner where no cameras can see you. No way are you going to buy it. And let others see?

After arriving home, you go to the bathroom and pee on the little strip.

Two lines.


Now what do you do?

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