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From Create Your Own Story

Your hand moves slowly toward your panties, which were already starting to become wet with your own juices. You work your fingers under the waistband and down the fur until they come in contact with your own throbbing area.

Your eyes start losing focus and you rub your clit, gently at first, then with increasing urgency. You move your hand further into your panties and start working your fingers into your now dripping pussy. It was very quick since you are already lubricated with your own juices.

Unfortunately, unlike Bob and the mysterious penis, you lose track of where you are and start moaning. Bob's head snaps up and looks right into your eyes. The penis on the other side disappears to frantic zipping and the sound of running feet.

Bob, realizing that not only is someone there, but that the someone is looking right at him, slams into the door, fumbling a bit in his panic, before finally getting it open and running out the door.

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