Dirty Me/Stay and try to bring myself to climax

From Create Your Own Story

While you were a bit surprised when Bob looked up at you, and almost wanted to run out yourself, you are too turned on to bother, and want a release.

You close your eyes and imagine Bob and the mysterious penis there, imagine yourself in Bob's place, licking this unknown person. The pure, anonymous naughtiness turns you on more.

Placing your hands against the top of your dress, you start rubbing your breasts through the fabric, your hand working under your skirt, down the front of your panties.

You imagine the taste of this stranger, his penis on your tongue, his bitter, salty taste.

Your fingers are now inside your panties, rubbing along your pussy lips, hands squeezing your breasts more forcefully.

You can still hear the sounds, in your mind, as you start gently rubbing your clit, before moving your fingers further down, spreading your lips, pushing inside.

A soft moan escapes from you as your fingers penetrate your pussy, already wet, excited, hungry.

You work your fingers harder, inside, then up to rub your clit before being plunged back inside again.

Back and forth you work them, then move back to your clit for the last time. You push it down, trapping it between your fingers and the pelvic bone, rubbing it harder, feeling yourself closer to climaxing.

Closer. Closer. Your breath comes in rapid gasps, on the bring of fulfillment.

Suddenly, your eyes snap open, as you feel yourself falling, see the world tumbling past you.

Your mind does not have time to comprehend what is happening before your body jars against something hard, a sudden pain blossoming in the back of your head. The world turns dark.

You blink slowly, seeing something but not understanding, and your eyes close again.

You feel yourself shaken, your eyes pop open and you look around groggily. A dim shape is in front of you, words filtering through. You sit there, trying to grasp what is happening. What is being said to you.

Your mind continues grasping for meaning, as you look at this shape. Slowly it turns into a person. Your dad. He is speaking, but the words are jumbled. Your close your eyes again, then open them, your dad coming into focus.

You hear a ringing in your ears, slowly receding. Soon the words start to become understandable.

"Sweety, are you ok?" Your dad asks you, looking at you with something close to panic.

You grasp for the meaning, lifting your hand to your head, now hurting. You notice a terrible headache, putting your hand against your temple and pressing, trying to ease it. You start feeling a different pain, towards the back of your head.

"Say something, please. Let us know if you are ok." Your mom looks like she is about to cry.

You shake your head, and feel it hit something. Reaching back, you feel the toilet tank behind you, before inspecting your head, trying to figure out why it is still hurting.

You feel a warm, sticky wetness on your fingertip, and suddenly remember.

Bob. The blow job. Imagining yourself in his place. The men's bathroom. You, masturbating, suddenly slipping before you were able to finish. Your head, hitting the toilet.

Your eyes widen in alarm, and you look down, finding your hand still in your panties, and wet clothes clinging to your ass.

You understand where you are. You are laying in the toilet, the very one you peed in and hadn't flushed yet. You jump up in horror, realizing your parents are seeing you like this.

Your hand goes to your head as everything swims in your vision. You have the sudden urge to bolt when your father puts a hand on your shoulder.

You jump, embarrassing yourself with a scream.

"What happened? Are you ok? Did someone do this to you?" Your father fires question after question at you.

You shake your head, then manage to start getting the words out. "No, I just...fell. I slipped."

You start crying.

Your mother takes your hand, and you immediately pull it back, wishing you could die. You will probably never live this down.

Eventually, with your parents help, you get cleaned up. You find yourself avoiding them as much as possible, not looking them in the eye, and saying as little as possible during the entire trip. Hopefully, everyone will forget about the day you ended up in a men's toilet, your ass in water full of pee, with your hands down your panties.

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