Dirty Me/They caught me, definitely time to leave

From Create Your Own Story

While you still feel a bit of the thrill, you also feel a bit of the other's panic yourself. You quickly pull your hand out of your panties and almost slip and fall into the toilet where your pee is still yellowing the water.

You flush quickly, wash, and leave the bathroom feeling unsatisfied in one way, but with your brain thinking naughty thoughts that satisfy you in another way.

You pass your dad as he is getting ready to look for you.

Good timing, you think. It would have been much worse if he had walked into the rest stop bathroom while you were masturbating and two men were busy exploring each other through a glory hole.

You keep thinking of yourself in Bob's place, and think of how exciting it was. Unfortunately, the more you think, the wetter you get, and it was a long ways to anywhere you could change your increasingly wet panties.

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