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You remain silent, observing your sister as she stares intently at the Bible in front of her. You notice her cheeks are getting flushed. You know there are some fairly sexy parts of the Bible, and you wonder if she's reading the Song of Solomon.

As you stand there, your mom silently enters the room. But unlike you, she doesn't just observe Callie. She walks over to her. Callie doesn't notice her approach.

To your shock, Mom reaches down and snatches something. "Callie!!!" she thunders. "What is this disgusting filth?!"

Callie's head snaps up. "Mom! I..."

"I will not tolerate this smut in my house!" Mom roars. She hurls the magazine Callie was hiding inside the Bible, and it lands open at your feet. Inside are pictures of naked couples in various explicitly sexual positions. "Consider yourself grounded for a very long time."

Mom turns to retrieve the offending magazine and notices you in the room for the first time. "What are you doing here, son?" she inquires in a much more gentle tone.

"I was waiting for Callie to finish her Bible reading so I could talk with her," you say. "But I had no idea she was reading... this... instead!"

"Please do talk with her," Mom instructs. "Get her mind away from this... this... unspeakably disgusting trash!" Mom snatches up the offending magazine and angrily slams the door behind her as she leaves the room.

Callie looks at you. "Hi, bro," she says meekly.

You sit next to her on the bed.

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