Ask Callie why she had a dirty magazine in her room

From Create Your Own Story

"So, Callie," you say softly, "why did you have a magazine with pictures of, um, couples engaged in sexual congress?"

Callie's face turns very red. "I... um... my body..."

She's unable to continue. You give her a friendly smile. "Are you saying you imagined yourself engaged in such activities?"

Callie's blush deepens, and she reluctantly nods. "Y-yes."

You wrap an arm around her. "I can help with that."

"How?" she inquires.

You nestle her body closer and run your hand up her thigh. You feel her shiver and slide your hand under her skirt, rubbing her slit through her thin panties. "By helping you relieve your sexual urges."

Callie moans at your touch. "But.."

"But nothing," you interject. You slip her panties to the side and tease her slit with your fingertips. Callie's shapely body shudders. "Get undressed, lie back and relax."

Callie's hormones win the battle with her conscience, and she strips. You remove your own clothes and lie on Callie's bed with her.

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