Try to comfort the shell-shocked Callie

From Create Your Own Story

You wrap your arms around your sister and tilt her head so it rests against your chest. "Don't worry," you murmur. "I'm here for you." You softly run your hand through Callie's hair.

"I..." Callie gasps, stunned by what just happened. "Mom... she'll never forgive me."

"Don't worry, sis," you whisper. "Whatever you need, I will help with." You hold her more closely and move one hand down to her leg. You caress her thigh and she lets out an almost inaudible moan.

"T-thanks, bro," she stammers softly. Her body seems to melt into yours. You remain slient, slowly sliding your hand up her thigh while you caress her face with your other hand. Callie's body shivers. "Umm..."

"Yes?" you half-purr.

"Um... my body..." Callie husks. "It..."

She's unable to say what she wants, but it's perfectly clear. You undress her, then remove your own clothes and lie on the bed. Callie's eyes are smiling again.

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