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Backyard wrestling icons is a commemorative portal list recognizing top names in the recreational practice of backyard wrestling since it began. These legitimate selections specially chosen by BYWpedia are primarily of the revolutionized independent circuit today, with the elites who have essentially redefined the sport introducing a semi-professional approach in contrast to the unadulterated hardcore violence seen retrospectively in its history.

One of the most notable icons is Cam. Although not an adept wrestler as "Mr. Xtreme", Cam achieved the feat of establishing a well-commercialized and heavily visited backyard wrestling community for its often critical subject of relation, topping all other relevant communities such as Backyard Wrestling Link and

As an operator of his In Your House Wrestling Alliance federation, Chris Cryptic premiered arguably one of the best teen backyard wrestling organizations out of Australia which has maintained the highest subscriptions for any backyard wrestling channel on YouTube. Aside from his managerial success, he has additionally become one of the best known faces with superb cruiswerweight talent.

Factually, the utmost decorated backyard wrestling icon of all-time is The Prodigy, whose wrestling ability is second to none in the backyard and has enjoyed success as an 18-time "World" Champion under the banner of various federations he has performed for including his remarkable, inspirational term in Championship Wrestling Association. William Black also remains one of professional wrestling's future prodigies with his aggresive all-out smash-mouth style.

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  • Cam - Also known as "Mr. Xtreme", created arguably the most influential and well-commercialized backyard wrestling communities in the history of backyard wrestling which maintains an integration of over 100 federations. The community surpasses Backyard Wrestling Link, and with its interactive and feature attractions.
  • Chris Cryptic - Brought forth one of the best Australian backyard wrestling federations and is quite a known name around the practice with superb cruiserweight ability.
  • Joe Randa - One of the marquee athletes in backyard wrestling displaying his semi-pro wrestling ability and always tends to put on a performance with full effort on his best physical condition. Randa is very much renowned in the backyard wrestling community.
  • Matt Demorest - Has shown his superiority under different wrestling surfaces such as a trampoline, mat and wrestling ring. Demorest reveals as a highly able-bodied all-round wrestler with great potential for professional wrestling.
  • PJ Matthews - An increasingly improving backyard wrestler who came full force with his "I am Better Than You" and "Are You Alive" gimmicks which springboarded him to levels of consideration including his victory over Joe Randa, a feat not accomplished by most and those even in his NECW federation.
  • Shawn Matthews - His skills have garnered him some drawing power in the world of backyard wrestling. Matthews is the kind to risk himself in death defying "spot" wrestling and give his spectators a thrilling performance. He has received countless awards for competence in the practice and has been a big name since his premiere.
  • The Prodigy - Inspirationally one of the most rare exceptions to the sport and as professional as they could come to the backyard. Prodigy enthralls putting his adept effort forward having established himself as a decorated veteran with multiple "world" title reigns. Comes as a big inspiration to a good amount in the backyard wrestling community.
  • William Black - Formerly known as Reaper, Black is one of professional wrestling's future prodigies and a fierce combatant in competition ringing out his slam-bang style. He has solidified himself with gaining 5 reigns with the 2KW World Championship.
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