The Prodigy (Chaz Ellis)

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The Prodigy
Prodigy on right
Ring name The Prodigy
Height 6'0
Weight N/A
Born November 15, 1989 (age 19)
Louisville, Kentucky
Resides Louisville, Kentucky
Debut 1995

Chaz Ellis (born November 15, 1989), better known as The Prodigy, is an upscale backyard wrestler with professional training. Since 1995, he has invested his efforts into crafting himself as a skilled wrestler in many backyard wrestling federations but most essentially Championship Wrestling Association (CWA) with aspirations coming from professional wrestling. He is viewed by many in the community as one of the most prodigious backyard wrestling athletes in history to grace the practice.

Over a course of time, Prodigy decorated his name with countless backyard wrestling world championships while showcasing his showman abilities and received the honor of being named GBYWN Legend of the Year 2008, and has also made the BYWpedia Icons list.


Backyard wrestling tenure

Influence and successes in HBWL, NABA, EWA, and XWA

The Prodigy started his tenure in backyard wrestling in 1995 at 6 years old aspired by the works of professional wrestling as well as inspired by Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair, and Triple H. He has claimed that the sport side of backyard wrestling has always been apart of his life and just enjoys wrestling in general.

Prodigy had reigns in federations HBWL as World Champion, NABA as World Champion and EWA as Intercontinent Champion. However, is tenure in backyard wrestling picked up in defunct federation XWA, where he became a 12 time XWA World Champion, attained several other championship reigns to earn himself Gland Slam Champion status, was the first to defeat everyone in XWA, had become the owner at one time in November 2004 and his most noted feud was with a backyard wrestler known as Voltage which climaxed in 2005.

Championship Wrestling Association

In CWA, Prodigy gained 2 CWA World Championship reigns, other title reigns and accomplishments, defeated arguably every roster member and engaged in rivalries with Voltage, his real-life brother Eruption, Joe Randa, CJ Cross and Kevin Porter.

All of such overall accomplishments in backyard wrestling made Prodigy an 18 time world champion in the backyard.

Epic-1 Wrestling

Championships and accomplishments

  • HBWL
    • HBWL World Championship (1 time)
  • NABA
    • NABA World Championship (1 time)
  • EWA
    • EWA Intercontinental Championship (1 times)
  • XWA
    • XWA World Championship (12 times)
    • XWA Championship/Xtreme (2 times)
    • XWA Intercontinental Championship (6 times)
    • XWA European Championship (4 times)
    • XWA Hardcore Championship (6 times)
    • XWA Unification Championship (2 times)
    • XWA Tag Team Championship (2 times)
  • Championship Wrestling Association
    • CWA World Championship (2 time)
    • CWA Intercontinental Championship (2 time)
    • CWA X Division Championship (1 time)
    • CWA Tag Team Championship (1 time)
    • CWA Royal Rumble (2005)
    • CWA Royal Rumble (2007)
  • 3rd person to win every single belt in CWA history
  • 1st and only person to hold 3 belts at the same time (World, X-Div. & Tag)
  • 1st ever XWA Grand Slam Champion
  • 1st to beat everybody in XWA & CWA
  • Became the owner of XWA in November of 2004
  • 1 of 2 people to compete in the 1st Undisputed 60-minute Iron Man Match
  • 1 of 2 people to compete in the 1st 90-minute Iron Man Match
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