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Northeast Championship Wrestling
Acronym NECW
Established 2008
Owners PJ Matthews
Ace Reed
Style Athletic and technical wrestling
Wrestling base Home-made Base
Location Bethel, Connecticut
Roster PJ Matthews, Danny Madness, Ace Reed, Murph, John Crosby, Nick Adams, Black Davy Bonnet, J Fatal, The Crippler, Aaron Foley, Tangredi, The Wraith, Matt Case, The Caveman, Jake Hudson, Adam Owens, Onya, Ruckus, Kevin Johnson, Dinguu, Senor Suave, El Hijo De Chode, Some Dude in a Mask, Some Dude Brother's in a Mask
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Northeast Championship Wrestling (NECW) is a backyard wrestling federation based in Bethel, Connecticut and was founded in 2008, combined of Backyard Championship Wrestling (BCW), Extreme Wrestling Alliance (EWA) and Kick Ass Wrestling (KAW), which opted to merge together under the problematic hosting area conditions for EWA and BCW rather than both organizations repetitively making appearances at KAW.




In January 2008, Murph of Backyard Championship Wrestling (BCW) and PJ Matthews of Kick Ass Wrestling (KAW) negotiated a meeting between both federations at KAW's flagship event, Adrenaline Rush 2 in February. This process created a friendly mutual bond successful enough that BCW made reappearances every two weeks since they had no place to wrestle at the time. Shawn Matthews, founder of Extreme Wrestling Alliance (EWA), visited KAW upon his return to backyard wrestling entering a dream match against PJ Matthews eventually deciding to bring along members of his federation in preference of touring several federations over the course of the summer. Soon, holding events in designed areas for BCW and EWA became vastly problematic, prompting talks of merger between Matthews, Murph and John Crosby, all three bookers of KAW. As a beneficial solution, everyone agreed to fuse into one entity.

Birth of Northeast Championship Wrestling

In June 2008, the final event for KAW was at KAW Northeast Showcase 2008 which became the first unofficial event of Northeast Championship Wrestling featuring talent from BCW and EWA and holding contention for the NECW Tag Team Championship inaugurally crowned to Black Davy Bonnet and Tangredi, who overcame three top talent teams.

The non-supercard NECW Shockwave show came into usage, recapped by a retro program called NECW Videowire. NECW progressed on the format of music video. The booking core evolved from John Crosby to PJ Matthews and Murph, working collaborately in booking all events in 2008. An NECW Champion was still yet undetermined, and in initial order of business, the EWA, KAW and BCW Championships were pit in a unification match, where after KAW's Ace Reed defeated EWA's The Crippler and BCW's Murph, he became the undisputed NECW Champion.

Moreover, NECW shortly introduced the NECW Freestyle Championship, designed as a title where the champion is permitted to select the stipulation in his defenses and the first reign was victored by The Caveman following his win against Matt Case. This was also around the period that conceived The Renegades stable consisting of PJ Matthews, Ace Reed, Shawn Matthews, Danny Madness, and for a time Nick Adams and Aaron Foley as well as the PJ Matthews effective gimmicks, "I Am Better Than You" and "Are You Alive?".

Media Delay

As fall emerged, time became limited for video editing on several shows which had been recorded for online submission causing a blackout for NECW. This led to trips outside of NECW as the federation started attending the Jersey-based Jersey Wrestling Allstars federation in August 2008 participating in the heavily successful Jersey Wrestling Allstars 1 supershow. PJ Matthews, Ace Reed, John Crosby, Danny Madness and Jack Lethal represented on behalf on NECW to a wider audience of the backyard wrestling community.

NECW talent PJ Matthews and Ace Reed travelled to New York for the primary event of Round Lake Syndicate Wrestling (RLSW), RLSW No Remorse 3 and festivities included PJ Matthews defeating former Championship Wrestling Association star, Joe Randa in a high profile match. The NECW crew also attended a Backyard Wrestling Elite (BWE) show BWE Rise to Superstardom hosted by Ryan RAGE. The group of Murph, PJ Matthews, Ace Reed, John Crosby, Danny Madness, and Davy Bonnet made an attendance.

Departure of Shawn Matthews

Shawn Matthews ending his performance deal with NECW dawned as a considerable loss. SyNN, the booker of 2KW had pledged an invite to Matthews for an exhibition match at a 2KW weekly event in October 2008 that gained positive reception from the Manhattan crowd compelling SyNN to offer Matthews a full-time roster spot. Matthews had accepted referencing it as a cost-effective measure from his residential location and after speaking with management ended his tenure in NECW on good terms, where he was given approval to return as a future option however surfacing acrimony from NECW members claiming Matthews was a "sellout". He would also get "sellout" chants from a diminutive audience in Jersey Wrestling Allstars.

Dispute with Hosting Area

On March 25, 2009, PJ Matthews announced over the GBYWN forums that there were ongoing complications with the occupancy of the area used for NECW due to its ownership to the Town of Bethel and not vacating the space would lead to apprehension. As of then, the federation states they are currenting looking for a new destination to host events and have taken a current hiatus.


Championship Current champion(s) Date won Previous Champion
NECW Championship J Fatal June 11, 2009 Danny Madness
NECW Freestyle Championship Aaron Foley N/A J Fatal
NECW Tag Team Championship The Crossbreeds N/A Jake Hudson and Onya

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