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NECW finished 2008 with Murph emerging as the Number 1 Contender for the NECW Championship and Ace Reed destroying PJ Matthews and Nick Adams, claiming to destroy anyone in NECW who posed the slightest threat or dissatisfaction of his reign. Murph saw Reed as nothing but a bully and began to bully Reed back by belittling him in interviews and on the GBYWN forums. He even dared Reed to knock him out, which Reed responded to by delivering his Knockout Elbow to Murph after he was rendered barely conscious from a match with FX at JWA Week 1.

Other matches at JWA Week 1 had Ace Reed vs. Matt Demorest, PJ Matthews vs. Jamie Anderson, and The Wraith vs. TKO. All of whom were from the New Jersey based fed of ETTW.

The new year also brought about changes to the booking team in NECW, as Crosby stepped down from his position so to not shoulder the consequences that come with the job. Murph and Matthews chose Reed as Crosby's replacement.

Also on JWA Week 1, Hades was finally unmasked by Joey Adams to be revealed as NECW's own General Manager Jack Lethal. The unmasking caused a psychotic outburst in Lethal, who renamed himself as J Fatal. PJ Matthews, having gone through similar psychotic breakdowns in the Fall, tried to reason with Fatal, but it only led to Fatal picking Matthews as his primary target in lashing out against the world.

The year also started out with a new Danny Madness. Madness was unsure of who he was anymore due to his comedic antics and being the overshadowed member of The Renegades. With some guidance by Murph, he began to see what he needed to do to turn his career around and become a force to reckon with in NECW.

Adrenaline Rush 3

The road to Adrenaline Rush 3 heated up like an oven set to overload in the weeks leading up to the event. John Crosby called out Shawn Matthews to return to NECW and face him in a No Holds Barred match in order to answer for his leaving NECW. Fatal and Matthews was also getting more and more vicious as the two continuously interfered in one another's matches and played mind games. Aaron Foley and Adam Owens made statements as they sprinted into their Triple Threat Freestyle Championship Match against J Fatal. Danny Madness also continued to improve as he nearly beat Murph, obtained victory over John Crosby, and went toe-to-toe with J Fatal.

In the Championship feud, Murph and Reed's hatred for one another began to boil over. Murph destroyed Onya the week following JWA to make a statement to Reed, uncharacteristically losing his cool in the process. He then leveled Reed a week later in order to save fellow stablemate Nick Adams from a Knockout Elbow. Reed responded by opening the next show by knocking out Some Dude in a Mask before Murph arrived. The two had an intense confrontation immediately after, with Reed playing mind games with Murph and his past of being a social outcast. The two ended up brawling viciously to the ramp before being pulled away from each other by Crosby, Bonnet (Murph's brother), and PJ Matthews. In a tag match main eventing that same show, the two once again brawled into the backstage.

On Day 1 of AR3, Danny Madness defeated Shawn Matthews with the help of The Crippler to further make a statement to his critics. Bonnet was viciously attacked and knocked out backstage by Reed, with Murph arriving too late to help and left visibly furious. Adam Owens also pummeled Nick Adams causing him to lose via DQ. The Crossbreeds (Murph and Crosby) became the fist ever two-time NECW Tag Team Champions after beating Toasted Butter (Dinguu and Senor Suave) and The Highrollers (Case and Foley). In the main event, Matthews threw everything he had and then some at Fatal, but Fatal relentlessly shook it off and obliterated Matthews, picking up a victory and sending shivers down the spine of everyone in NECW.

Day 2 started off with a bang as, with the help of his partner Matt Case, Aaron Foley defeated J Fatal and Adam Owens in a surprise upset to become the new NECW Freestyle Champion. Matt Case easily defeated Kevin Johnson in his open challenge match. Danny Madness then emerged victorious in a brutal Money in the Bank Ladder Match; besting PJ Matthews, Nick Adams, Black Davy Bonnet, and Onya to win his second Money in the Bank.

Crosby and Shawn Matthews absolutely destroyed one another in one of the most brutal matches in NECW history. In the end, Crosby sent Matthews falling 15-feet down a ladder and through a table riddled with thumbtacks. A Gibson Driver and three-count later, and NECW got the retribution they felt they deserved for Matthews going to 2KW.

In the main event, Murph and Reed pummeled each other in a knockdown, drag-out fight with plenty of punches and high-impact moves. Murph believed to have the match won after reversing Reed's Sliced Bread into his finisher, The Hands of Destiny. However Reed kicked out and then refused to tap out to Murph's crippling Clovertamer. Murph looked to finish Reed off once and for all, but Reed reversed the Hands of Destiny into the Triangle Choke. Having been in it for a second time, Murph eventually succumbed to the lack of air he was receiving and tapped out.

However, the event did not end. As Reed celebrated, Danny Madness' music hit and he emerged with a referee and the Money in the Bank briefcase. The ref declared he was cashing in and suddenly Madness vs. Reed began. Reed kicked out of his own finisher, delivered to him by Madness, and hit one of his own after a vicious kick to the face. Everyone believed Madness to be out, but he kicked out with the smallest of margins possible, becoming the first person to do so. Madness quickly gained the upper hand by hitting one of his finishers, The Falcon Arrow, but Reed refused to die. Madness had enough and hit Reed with a second Falcon Arrow that lined Reed up with the corner. Madness, to the cheers of the NECW crowd, climbed the post and hit a devastating Swanton Bomb. Three seconds later, the crowd erupted as Madness ended Reed's one-year reign as a world champion and reached his dream of becoming the second NECW Champion

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