BWE AfterShock

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BWE AfterShock
Format Sports Entertainment

Backyard Wrestling

Created By Steven Hardy
General Manager Stone Hardy
Starring BWE Wrestlers
Country of origin 22px-Flag_of_the_United_States.svg.png United States
No. of seasons 2 (as of January 4, 2010)
No. of episodes 35 (as of November 27, 2010)
Camera setup Single Camera Man
Running time 30 minutes an episode
Original channel BWEUNIVERSE Youtube
Picture format NTSC (720 x 480 pixels)
Original Run November 9, 2009 - Present

BWE AfterShock is a internet backyard wrestling show for Backyard Wrestling Entertainment. It currently airs on the Youtube and is generally seen as the company's flagship program due to its longer history. The Show also has higher ratings then almost any other known Backyard wrestling show. The shows plot features BWE wrestlers in high profile Storylines.


Show History


BWE Championship Tournament

Steven Hardy kidnapping Jimmy Nitro (top) & Criss Chaos (botton).

BWE held its first event on November 9, 2009. Where they held a tournament to crown the first ever BWE Champion. During the first round Jimmy Nitro defeated his brother Johnny Nitro, Stone Hardy defeated Criss Chaos & Steven Hardy defeated The Kid, After the match Stone Hardy and Jimmy Nitro entered the ring. Stone Hardy then helped Steven Hardy to his feet, while Jimmy Nitro helped The Kid to his feet. Stone Hardy out of nowhere grabbed The Kid and thru him out of the ring with force. Criss Chaos mad about him attacking his family then attacked Stone Hardy. Both Steven Hardy and Jimmy Nitro then came to the save of Stone Hardy helped him beat down Criss Chaos. Jimmy Nitro then hugged Stone Hardy, but then refused to shake Steven Hardys Hand and out of nowhere Steven Hardy hit Jimmy Nitro with the Bang, and then made his leave, Stone Hardy then helped Jimmy Nitro to his feet. A week later, The Kid wanted Stone Hardy in a one-on-one match for attacking him the week before, while The Punisher wanted Steven Hardy for attacking Jimmy Nitro. The Punisher failed to beat Steven Hardy, so a week later Jimmy Nitro demanded a match against Steven Hardy. Steven Hardy ended the match in a no contest when he kidnapped Jimmy Nitro. A week later, Steven Hardy faced The Kid in a match where Criss Chaos interfered and got The Kid Dq'ed. Steven Hardy then kidnapped Criss Chaos. A week later, BWE: Raising The Bar, footage of Jimmy Nitro being tortured by Steven Hardy and saved by Criss Chaos was shown. After the footage, BWE GM came to the ring to make the matches. Jimmy Nitro enterd the ring and demanded to be removed from the match from fear of Steven Hardy kidnapping him agian. The BWE GM agreed and place Jimmy Nitro & Criss chaos in a Tag Team match against Tank & Captain Pain for the BWE Tag Team Championship. Tank and Captain pain won the match and became the first ever BWE Tag Team Championship. Stone Hardy defeated Steven Hardy in the main event to become the first ever BWE Championship, after The New Blood of Backyard Wrestling interfered and hit Steven Hardy in the head with the championship belt.


Steven's Army Feud with The New Blood of Backyard Wrestling

Steven Hardy cashing in his money in the bank.

The first signs of The New Blood of Backyard Wrestling were in later 2009. They official formed at BWE: Raising The Bar When every member interfered in Steven Hardy's match allowing Stone Hardy to win the BWE Championship. Steven Hardy defeated The New Bloods leader The Kid for the LBYW Championship on the next After Shock where Tank handed Steven Hardy the title showing signs of Tank joining Steven Hardys in his war for respect. Captain Pain & Tank was then see attacking Criss Chaos & Jimmy Nitro this showned the official forming of Steven's Army. The Kid won a Fatel Four Way where the winner got a shot at his title, but if he won he could pick his opponent at BWE Redemption. He choice Captain Pain in hopes of getting pay back for him attacking his family Criss Chaos, but after he had picked him The Punisher attacked him saying The Kid promised him the match if he helped him win. Steven Hardy got himself DQ'ed at BWE: Redemption to retain the title against Jimmy Nitro, The Kid lose his GBYWN Mid-South Championship to Captain Pain, after the match The Punisher attacked The Kid changing sides to Steven's Army. Psychic had also attacked both The Kid and Captain Pain low blowing Captain Pain and stealing the GBYWN Mid-South Championship for the second time. Later in the show, Steven Hardy attacked Black Ice getting Stone Hardy DQ'ed, allowing him to retain the BWE Championship, he also attcked Stone Hardy claiming he was coming for his BWE Championship. The New Blood was given another chance to win the tag team titles, but only if both Jimmy Nitro & Criss Chaos won there matches against the tag team champions. Both Jimmy Nitro & Criss Chaos defeated Tank & Captain Pain, but Criss Chaos was later hurt in a match with the debuting Rose. The Kid then demanded a match against The Punisher for attacking him at Redemption. Later, The Punisher was able to defeat The Kid. Steven Hardy and Black Ice would then wrestle for the #1 Contendership of the BWE Championship, Steven Hardy defeat Black Ice with a Swanton Bomb, after Steven Hardy won the match music of a past wrestle hit, Steven Hardy seemed as if he was scared of the wrestlers return and ran out of the ring. Steven Hardy wrestled The Kid, in a leader vs. leader match, near end of the match The Kid counter Steven Hardy's finisher the Bang and hit him with a Stunner for the win, after the match the music played again, and Storman Norman returned and took action against Steven Hardy, Claiming he wanted the LBYW Championship back a title he never lose in a match. The Kid defeated Stone Hardy for the BWE Championship on the 14th episode of after shock. The next week, Steven Hardy defeated Stone Hardy for the #1 contendership. 2 weeks later at BWE: Red Alert, Steven Hardy defeated The Kid by DQ when Jimmy Nitro and Criss Chaos interfered attacking Steven Hardy, Stone Hardy ran in for the save taking out both Criss Chaos and Jimmy Nitro, while The Kid used that time to make his escape. Jimmy Nitro was placed in the Championship match against his New Blood leader & BWE Champion The Kid at BWE Wrestle Bash. Jimmy Nitro refused to lay down for The Kid and The Kid took action against him and was winning the match until Steven Hardy the referee at the time attacked The Kid and hit him with The Bang to help Jimmy Nitro win the championship. The week on After Shock, The Kid made his way to the ring and informed Nitro that do to Steven hardy's actions in the match, the ruling of that match was turned over by BWE Manegement. Jimmy Nitro was DQ for Steven Hardy's interferece in the match and The Kid was still BWE Champion. The Kid defeated Stone Hardy in a non title match at BWE: Breaking The Limits after Stone Hardy got himself DQ'ed by hitting The Kid with a chair, after Stone Hardy made his leave Steven Hardy entered the ring and cashed in his money in the bank shot and won the championship.

Captain Pain Feud with Tank

Captain Pain and Tank bumping heads.

Captain Pain and Tank made an open challenge to anyone in the back for there titles. Pyschic came to the ring saying he had a partner, and when asked where he was, Psychic replied he was in the closest. This marked the return of The Freak. Psychic & The Freak ended up winning the championship from Captain Pain and Tank, because near the end of the match. Captain Pain turned on Tank and speared him costing them the match. A week later, Tank confronted Captain Pain, but Captain Pain replied that he knew nothing of them losing the titles. Later on Captain Pain interfered in Tanks match costing him the match against Black Ice. A week later, Captain Pain lose to the debuting Jay Mysterious, after the match Tank entered the ring and helped Captain Pain to his feet. Captain Pain then asked why he didnt help, and Tank Speared him. Captain Pain defended the GBYWN Mid-South Championship against Tank his former Tag Team Partner and Former Member of Steven's Army, the match ended when both wrestlers went for the spear and bumb heads pinning each other. BWE was then forced to hold up the title. Tank then defeated Captain Pain at BWE: Wrestle Bash for the GBYWN Mid-South Championship. Tank lose the title the next month at BWE: Breaking the Limits, when Reign who revealed himself as the fake Captain Pain interfered in the match helping Rose defeat Tank.

Black Ice Feud with The Reaper

Jimmy Nitro returned to the ring in a match against Black Ice, but around the end of the match a mystery man in all black interfered in thematch and attacked Black Ice, powerbombing him and helping Jimmy Nitro win the match. Black Ice wrestled the debuting wrestler by the name The Crisis, and around the end of the match, after Black Ice had won the match, Reaper attacked him again, but this time Reaper tried removing Black Ice's Mask, but Jimmy Nitro stopped him before he could remove the mask, but reaper then turn on him and delived a tombstone powerdriver to him. Reaper then defeated Black Ice at BWE: Wrestle Bash. A week later, Reaper defeated both Reign and Black Ice on after shock. A Week later, Black Ice was defeated in a Mask vs. Career match at BWE: Breaking The Limits. A couple Weeks later, Reaper defeated a new wrestler by the name Slim in a singles match to win both the LBYW Championship & the GBYWN Mid-South Championship. Black Ice attacked Reaper, but was chokeslamed. A week later, Black Ice challenged Reaper for both titles, but lose the match. Black Ice and Reaper we're then put in a Mask vs. Contract match, where Reaper won the match and control over Black Ice's contract forcing him to join The Dark Side.

BWE United States Championship Tournament

BWE holded a tournament to crown the first ever BWE United States Champion. Stone Hardy was able to defeat a new wrestler Tommy The Train to win his spot in round 2, while Steven Hardy also defeated a new wrestler Stevie Future to win his spot in round 2. Tank defeated The Freak & Captain Pain defeated Psychic for there spots in the second round. Stone Hardy was able to defeat Steven Hardy to gain a spot in the finals, but Captain Pain was attacked by the two new wrestlers and Stevie Future took his spot and defeated Tank with the help of Tommy The Train to gain a spot in the finals against Stone Hardy. Stone Hardy defeated Stevie Future to win the BWE United States Championship.

TSC Feud With Steven Hardy

Not long after winning the tag team titles, TSC claimed there wasn't anyone who could challenge them and they trashed the titles by throwing them away. Tommy The Train than challenged Steven Hardy for the BWE Championship and Stevie Future challenged Stone Hardy for the BWE United States Championship. They both lose their matches, but Stevie Future challenged Stone Hardy again, only Stone Hardy walked out on the match and Stevie Future won by count out, but didn't win the title. BWE than place the two friends in a match to see who would challenge Steven Hardy for the BWE Championship. Tommy the Train won the match and challenged Steven Hardy for the title, but his friend interfered and attacked him costing him the title chaiming he is the future, only to be hit in the head with the title belt by Steven Hardy. Stevie Future came to the ring to tell the world why he attack his friend, saying they can be friends outside of the ring but in the ring it's all about him. Tommy the Train came to the ring and challenged him to a match later that night, but Stone Hardy's music hit and he made his way to the ring. Stone Hardy claim BWE has put the three of them in a match later to find a new #1 contender for the BWE Championship. It looked as if Stone Hardy was about to win the match before Reaper interfered and attacked Stone Hardy taking him out of the match. Stevie Future pinned Tommy The Train for the win. The next week Stevie Future challenged Steven Hardy for the title, and just as Steven Hardy had him pinned Tommy The Train attacked Stevie Future. Steven Hardy was DQ'ed, but he retained the title. Steven Hardy attacked him hitting him with the bang. Steven hardy defended the title against The Kid and lose the title.

The Dark Side Feud with Stone Hardy

Reaper levitating Stone Hardy.

Reaper challenged and defeated Stone Hardy in a singles match. After the match, Reaper performed a Dark Ritual levitating Stone Hardy off the ground, only to vanish a few seconds later. A week later, Black Ice challenged Stone Hardy to a match, but lose the match, after the match the lights went out and Reaper appeared standing over Stone Hardy. A week later, Stone Hardy was seen coming to the ring during a Stevie Future & Tommy The Train promo, Stone Hardy claimed BWE has made him the new #1 contender for the BWE Championship, but challenged them both in a match later that night where the winner would be the new #1 contender. During the match, It looked as if Stone Hardy was about to win the match before Reaper interfered and attacked Stone Hardy battling him away from ring taking him out of the match. A week later, Black Ice challenged Stone Hardy in a match for the #1 contendership for the BWE United States Championship. During the match Black Ice tergeted Stone Hardy's left arm allowing him to pick up the win. A week later, The Punisher and Jay Mysterious both returned to BWE and challenged Stone Hardy for the BWE United States Championship. Do to Injury, The Punisher was able to pin Stone Hardy and win the title. This also Marked the last time the BWE universe would see Stone Hardy for a couple of months.


Real World Entertainment

On January 1, 2011. Steven Hardy put his career on the line for a shot at the BWE Championship, The Kid agreed to the match and later that night he defeated Steven Hardy and ended his career. On January 15, 2011, Steven Hardy & Stone Hardy showned up for a BWE meeting. Steven Hardy was asked if he knew anything of BWE coming under new managament, he replied by saying he couldn't give any details at the time. On January 22, 2011, BWE came under the management of Real World Entertainment an off-screen operations department designed to shake things up on-screen. There first act of control was appointing Steven Hardy as the General Manager. Steven Hardy announced that all the BWE Championships was being vacanted.

New Champions

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