Captain Pain

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Captain Pain
Ring name Captain Pain
Height 6'0
Weight 195
Born Unknown
Resides Stonewall, La
Debut 2009
Trained By Steven Hardy

Captain Pain is an American backyard wrestler performing in BWE (Backyard Wrestling Entertainment).


Career Start

Rivalry with Tank

Captain Pain and Tank made an open challenge to anyone in the back for there titles. Pyschic came to the ring saying he had a partner, when asked where, he replied he's in the closest. this marked the return of The Freak. They would end up winning the championship from Captain Pain and Tank because Captain Pain turned on tank and costed them the match. Tank confronted Captain Pain in the next episode, but Captain Pain replied he know nothing of losing the titles. Later on Captain Pain attacked tank costing him the match against Black Ice. On the Next Episode, Captain Pain lost to the debuting Jay Mysterious, after the match Tank entered the ring and Captain Pain asked why he didnt help, and Tank Speared him. Captain Pain defended the GBYWN Mid-South Championship against Tank his former Tag Team Partner and Former Member of Steven's Army, the match ended when both wrestler went for the spear and bumb heads pinning each other and BWE was forced to hold up the title. tank then defeated Captain pain at BWE: Wrestle Bash for the GBYWN Mid-South Championship. Tank lose the title the next month at BWE: Breaking the Limits, when Reign who revealed him self as the fake Captain interfered in the match help Rose defeat Tank.

In wrestling

  • Finisher
    • Spear
  • Signature Moves

  • Nicknames

  • Entrance Themes
    • ??? (2009-Present)


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