Tommy The Train

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Tommy The Train
Ring name Tommy The Train
Height 5'10
Weight 300 lbs.
Born N/A
Resides Shreveport, La
Debut 2010

Tommy The Train is an American backyard wrestler currently wrestling with (BWE) Backyard Wrestling Entertainment.


Backyard Wrestling Entertainment (2010-Present)

BWE United States Championship Tournament

After, lose in the first round of the tournament, He formed a tag team with life long friend Stevie Future and defeated The Freak & Psychic to win the BWE Tag Team Championships. They then attacked Captain Pain taking him off of the tournament allowing Stevie Future to take his place, where he helped him defeat Tank. Stone Hardy defeated Stevie Future to win the tournament and the BWE United States Chamionship.

Feud with Steven Hardy

Not long after winning the tag team titles, TSC claimed there wasn't anyone who could challenge them and they trashed the titles by throwing them away. Tommy The Train than challenged Steven Hardy for the BWE Championship and Stevie Future challenged Stone Hardy for the BWE United States Championship. They both lose their matches, but Stevie Future challenged Stone Hardy again, only Stone Hardy walked out on the match and Stevie Future won by count out, but didn't win the title. BWE than place the two friends in a match to see who would challenge Steven Hardy for the BWE Championship. Tommy the Train won the match and challenged Steven Hardy for the title, but his friend interfered and attacked him costing him the title chaiming he is the future, only to be hit in the head with the title belt by Steven Hardy. Stevie Future came to the ring to tell the world why he attack his friend, saying they can be friends outside of the ring but in the ring it's all about him. Tommy the Train came to the ring and challenged him to a match later that night, but Stone Hardy's music hit and he made his way to the ring. Stone Hardy claim BWE has put the three of them in a match later to find a new #1 contender for the BWE Championship. It looked as if Stone Hardy was about to win the match before Reaper interfered and attacked Stone Hardy taking him out of the match. Stevie Future pinned Tommy The Train for the win. The next week Stevie Future challenged Steven Hardy for the title, and just as Steven Hardy had him pinned Tommy The Train attacked Stevie Future. Steven Hardy was DQ'ed, but he retained the title. Steven Hardy attacked him hitting him with the bang. Steven Hardy would than go on to defend the title against both men two weeks later and lose the title to Stevie Future do to a hurt knee. This marked the last time the BWE universe would see Steven Hardy for a couple months.


Feud with Stevie Future

Tommy The Train challenged Stevie Future to a match for the BWE Championship. Stevie Future that he would have to earn another shot by winning a match against both Tank & Captain Pain. Tommy The Train defeated them later that night. A week Later he challenged for the title and Stevie Future got himself counted out to retain the title. A week later, Tommy The Train was interviewed and he stated BWE has given him another chance to at the title, if he won his next 4 matches. Later that night he won his first match, and over the next 3 weeks he won his next 3 matches. 2 weeks later, Tommy The Train defeated Stevie Future for the BWE Championship. A week later, Stevie Future challenged for his rematch. Tommy The Train defeated him. A week later, Stevie Future claimed Tommy The Train cheated and demanded a rematch. Tommy The Train stated if he won his next 4 matches he would get another shot. Later that night Stevie Future won his first match and over the next 3 weeks he won his other 3 matches. A week after winning another shot Stevie Future challenged for the title, but a returning Stone Hardy interfered attacking both men. A week later Stone Hardy challenged for the title, but Stevie Future claimed if it wasn’t for him he would be champion right now. Tommy The Train stated he would defend the title against them both later that night. Tommy The Train was able to pin Stevie Future to retain the title. A week later, Stone Hardy demanded another one-on-one shot at the title. Tommy The Train stated both him and Stevie Future would face each other and the winner would get another shot and the loser would not be able to challenge for the title again as long as he is champion. Later that night, Stone Hardy defeated Stevie Future to win the #1 contendership.

Feud with Stone Hardy

Wrestling Moves


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