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The SCBYWA Heavyweight Championship was established on October 18th 2009. The SCBYWA Heavyweight Championship was regarded as the Backyard wrestling South Carolina Championship until unified with the GBYWN Mid South Atlantic Heavyweight Championship on July 22, 2010. The title holder is now considered champion over South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, and Virginia. Not only is the title holder considered the best yarder in the Mid South Atlantic states of the U.S. but is the champion over all of the feds within the SCBYWA. This championship title is the highest honor backyard wrestlers can achieve in the SCBYWA and the Mid South Atlantic area of the United States.

SCBYWA Heavyweight Championship
Current champion Bull McBride
Date won September 5, 2010
Promotion NAX
Date introduced October 18, 2009
Most reigns Mr. MVP, Sterling Silverman, & Bull McBride (Tied with 1)
First champion Mr. MVP
Longest reign Mr. MVP (6 Months)
Shortest reign Bull McBride (2 Months, 3 Weeks) [Current]


Road to crown a Champion

In July 2009, it was announced that the first ever SCBYWA Heavyweight Champion would be crowned. The crowning would take place at the SCBYWA's first supershow, SCBYWA WrestleFest 2009. Each fed that participated in the event would have one representative to challenge for the title in an Xtreme King of the Mountain Match. Sean Van, Joshua Chilton, and Mr. MVP were chosen by their respective feds to enter the match. Kurtis Spade won a qualifier / UWO Heavyweight Championship match to enter the match. Mr. MVP would win that match and become the first ever champion.

Mr. MVP's Reign

Mr. MVP became the first ever champion by proving how much of an opportunist he is. While Joshua Chilton was attempting a powerbomb, MVP had the title belt in his hands and hung it in mid air. During Mr. MVP's six month reign he defended the title against the likes of Mike Jones at BCW-TNG Hard Knocks & at BCW-TNG Annihilation in an Ultimate Submission Match, Justin Gage at BCW-TNG Evolution in a very bloody 3 Stages of Hell Match, and Malice & Dustin Pate in a 3 Way Full Metal Mayhem Match at BCW-TNG Lethal Lottery. He even changed his entrance song to "The Champ is Here" by DJ Green Lantern and claimed no one would ever take his title. However, MVP's reign would end on April 18, 2010 when Sterling Silverman defeated him in a No Rules, No Limits Match at SCBYWA Blaze of Glory 2010. His reign will be remembered for not only being the first but also the longest to date.

Sterling Silverman's Reign

He made his first title defense against Malice at UWO 13: May Day 2 for both the SCBYWA Heavyweight Title and the SCBYWA Internet Title, that match would end in a no contest due to outside interference by Gimmick Infringement. At UWO 14: Choose Your Destiny, Sterling defended the championship successfully against Sean Van & Bull McBride in a triple threat match. Silverman would finally loose the title to Bull McBride, who had been chasing the title since Sterling's title win in April, in a 30 minute Anything Goes IronMan match at SCBYWA Chaos Theory 2010. His loss of the championship was shrouded in controversy, as Malice, Sean Van, & MiZerY would interfere in the match. Silverman's title reign was 4 months, 2 weeks, and 4 days long.

Unification and Expansion

During the reign of Sterling Silverman, July 22, 2010, the Global Backyard Wrestling Nation would decide to unify the SCBYWA Heavyweight Championship with the GBYWN Mid South Atlantic Heavyweight Championship. In doing so, the title became more than state wide. The title holder would now be champion of South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, and Virginia. The SCBYWA was now the top fed in the Mid South Atlantic area of the United States as recognized by the GBYWN.

Bull McBride's Reign

Bull McBride defeated Sterling Silverman at SCBYWA Chaos Theory 2010 in an 30 Minute Anything Goes IronMan Match after interference from MiZerY, Sean Van, & Malice. The 3 would then reveal that, along side Bull, they were a group to be known as Prestige. Bull would then successfully defend the title against Sterling in his rematch at NAX Ashes 2 Gold. McBride defended his championship successfully against Hall, Reverend Revis, Sterling Silverman, and Mike Jones in an Xtreme King of the Mountain Match at SCBYWA WrestleFest II (2010). Hall would assist this win and join Prestige. At NAX Wicked Nightmare Bull would be forced to defend the title against Sean Van, a fellow member of Prestige. After attempting to avoid the match by Sean laying down for Bull and even substituting a "sick" Van with a 14 year old kid, the GM forced their hand with threats of a 90 suspension with no pay. After a 30 minute battle, Mr. McBride would once again come out on top. A month later, a match with huge stakes was signed. Bull would have to defend the title against the leader of a rouge group who came together to take out Prestige, that man was Rocman Da Pimp. The match was drawn at random, as part of the Luck of the Draw event, to be a "Kiss My Ass - Reverse Ladder Match." And if Rocman lost he would be Prestige's "Bitch" for 30 days. Rocman would actually hang the championship, however the referee was down and never saw this. Bull would take advantage of this and take out Da Pimp and claim his victory as the ref regained consciousness.

History of the SCBYWA Heavyweight Championship

# Wrestler: Reigns: Date: Event: Location: Notes:
October 18, 2009
SCBYWA WrestleFest 2009
Donalds, SC.
Mr. MVP won the championship in an Xtreme King of the Mountain Match. Also involved in that match was Sean Van, Kurtis Spade, and Joshua Chilton.
Sterling Silverman
April 18, 2010
SCBYWA Blaze of Glory 2010
Donalds, SC.
Sterling Silverman defeated Mr. MVP in a No Rules, No Limits Match after an interference by Kurtis Spade.
Bull McBride
September 5, 2010
SCBYWA Chaos Theory 2010
Ridgeville, SC.
Bull McBride defeated Sterling Silverman in an Anything Goes 30 Minute IronMan Match. The newly formed stable, Prestige, cost Silverman the title.
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