SCBYWA Backyard Finale 2010

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SCBYWA Backyard Finale 2010
Date Held December 12, 2010
Location Greenwood, SC
Participating Feds NAX, BCW-TNG, GWA, EMW

SCBYWA Backyard Finale 2010 is an upcoming supershow. It will mark the final event with the initials SCBYWA as the promotion will be transitioning into independent wrestling in January 2011. This will also be the final "Backyard" show.

Matches Announced So Far

# Matches Stipulations
1 Bull McBride (c) vs. Reverend Revis SCBYWA Heavyweight Championship
2 Sean Van vs. Mr. MVP
3 James Hall (c) vs. Boss SCBYWA Internet Championship
4 Tk vs. Malice Loser Leaves SCBYWA
5 Scream Team vs. Gimmick Infringement The challenge has been made, will Gimmick accept?
6 Sean Storm vs. Ashe
7 King of the Backyard Battle Royal [Featuring: Mike Jones, CJLP, Big ET, Anderson Strong, Chamber, Rocman Da Pimp, and many more] 2010 King of the Backyard
8 Alan M. vs. Brooks McGwire
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