Big ET

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Big ET
Ring name Big ET
Height 6'0
Weight 215
Billed From Gage Street
Debut 2008

Big ET is a backyard wrestler who currently competes in NAX Wrestling.


Big ET began his career in GCW of Greenwood, SC. While there he became GCW South Carolina Champion as well as GCW Television Champion. When GCW folded he would sign with BCW-TNG,his greatest success would come there. He was the BCW Champion and BCW-TNG Tag Team Champion. Big ET was forced to leave BCW-TNG in the summer of 2010, he found his way to the UWO. After spending some time there he would come to NAX Wrestling. He is currently in a tag team with Rocman Da Pimp, they call themselves the Gage St. Posse.

In Wrestling

  • Nicknames
    • "He has a PhD in THC, He is the King Kong of hitting the bong, and lordy lordy don't touch his 40" [Self-Proclaimed]
  • Entrance Themes
    • "Death of a Hater" by Boondox
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