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Ring name The Kid
Height 6'0
Weight 237 lbs.
Resides Callison, SC
Debut 2006
Trained By self trained niggas

Tk (born 1994) is a backyard wrestler that wrestles for NAX. Tk is best known for his work in EMW, but aside from that hes worked in NAX, GAW, Y2Tb, EBW, GWA, and BCW-TNG. Tk created EMW and founded XZW.


BYW Career


Tk got his start in EBW in june 2006, attacking then hardcore champion The Mavrick; starting a feud that would last 2 years and cross over federations. He secured the EBW Hardcore title from mavrick in August under 24/7 rules. he would hold the title 8 times until December until the curtain call. At EBW curtain call Tk became the final EBW Champion/Hardcore Champion in three stages of hell against mavrick. Tk won the first round (blaze match) mavrick won the 2nd (tack match) and the kid won the final round which was a GTA match. EBW folded shortly after.


Tk appeared in GAW over the course of 5 months. He won the 24/7 Hardcore Title 13 times, and quit GAW. Highlights included the continuation of the Tk/Mavrick Saga and a small GAW vs. EBW feud.


Tk along with Aj wayne created EMW. Tk started in the hardcore division chasing then champion The Maverick. he would never beat the maverick the record still stands at 0-13. Tk led what has been called EMW's greatest faction TX. They ruled the roost for quite some time before defecting to the EBW side during the invasion. Tk would lead the EBW invasion as the EBW champion, but the invasion would be squashed and the EBW title was unified with the EMW title. TX started falling apart and by october 2009 Tk turned on Action Ian to start a renegade extremist faction eWo. The eWo feuded with Maverick for a few months before Tk broke his ankle. the eWo would vanish until the 2010 wreckless rumble when half of the entrants were wearing eWo shirts along with the winner of the rumble the returning Tk. Tk's soon to be bitter enemy James Hall started a group called the CWF. which ended up being a brand in EMW along with eWo being the other brand. Tk would go on to win the EMW title from hall at EMW Taken to the streets. he would lose it to Sean Van at EMW hardcore heaven the month before EMW was sold to NAX.


Tk appeared along side former partner hall as bad company at BCW-TNG. They showed up and jumped sean van. BCW-TNG left the SCBYWA shortly after, the impending EMW invasion scared them into hiding. they quickly turned themselves in to the Athletic Commision and folded.


Tk Arrived in GWA by challenging Chamber to a GWA title match. He fell to chamber after chamber reversed the figure four and made him tap. Tk would go on to defend the SCBYWA internet title in GWA against long time partner Jake, and he retained. At GWA Day of the Dead a very different Tk showed up and started a GWA vs. Prestige Riot costing Hall and Malice their shots at the Three way dance title. This much darker Tk along with sean storm rocman da pimp and razor leveled prestige. Tk then entered the triple threat tournament. a dark Tk destroyed an EMW tombstone and faced Sean Van and Duskull. nearing the end of the match Tk floored duskull with a wasteland through a chair and went to fight van. the two crashed through the gwa trampoline and landed in a mass of weapons. out of nowhere duskull suicide dived onto them and stole the win.


Tk joined NAX and on his first night he cashed in the King of Extreme briefcase that had been reinstated and won the internet title from malice. He went on to face Hall and Rocman da pimp in a triple threat match for the NAX title at NAX Wicked Nightmare but fell to a vicous dream street from rocman. He finished up with NAX at NAX Luck of the Draw losing the Internet Title to him. after halls 2nd match Tk ran in and hit Malice with a chair and challenged him to a loser leaves the scbywa match for the GBYWN World Hardcore title.

Return to EMW/XZW Invasion

EMW Returned and Tk challenged Sean van to an EMW title match. Tk's long time tag partner jake interjected himself into the match and won the EMW title after Tk laid down to him as referee Chamber and the scream team jumped van. Tk then proclaimed his new fed XZW was invading EMW and that they had already gotten the tag titles and the EMW title. They attempted to beat down prestige, however prestige cleared the ring. XZW then took their aggression out on CJLP.

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