Joe Randa

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Joe Randa
Ring name Joe Randa
Height 5'6" (1.52 m)
Weight 147 lb (67 kg)
Born February 7, 1989
Resides Louisville, Kentucky
Debut 2005

Joseph Blake Randall (born February 7, 1989), better known by his ring name Joe Randa, is an American "semi-professional" wrestler. He performed for the now defunct Championship Wrestling Association (CWA), and now travels to compete in various federations including Round Lake Syndicate Wrestling (RLSW) and World Wrestling Alliance (WWA). He officially began "yarding" on camera in February of 2005 and has become one of the biggest names in the GBYWN community.

He has received countless awards and a hall of fame inductions including from Global Backyard Wrestling News. Randa has been added to the Icons list of BYWpedia.


Backyard Wrestling Tenure

Wrestling Championship Federation (1999-2005)

In January 1999, Joe Randa began wrestling for fun with friends and family. He and his friends at first would just mimic there favorite professional wrestlers and imitate their moves on one another. Eventually they started their own gimmicks and decided on their own names. Randa started out with the name Mr. Wonderful, replicating Mr. Perfect Curt Hennig. Randa won the WCF Title on 6 occasions. WCF last wrestled in June of 2005 with its last show being Armed & Dangerous.

Xtreme Wrestling Alliance (Feb. 2005-June 2005)

Championship Wrestling Association (July 2005-Nov. 2008)

Round Lake Syndicate Wrestling (2008-2009)

On November 9, 2008, after Randa ceased wrestling in the shuttered CWA federation, he travelled to New York with members of CWA to wrestle his last anticipated dream match in backyard wrestling as part of RLSW No Remorse 3 and lost against NECW's PJ Matthews. However, Randa eventually returned to the practice following professional training at an independent promotion. In early 2009, the CWA crew returned to RLSW at the CWA vs. RLSW ft. NECW supershow. Randa competed against Matthews once again at RLSW No Remorse 4 on July 18, 2009, the last RLSW event.

World Wrestling Alliance Appearance

Epic-1 Wrestling

Post Epic-1

At CCW Welcome to the Real World on March 21, 2010, Randa defeated champion Shooter to become the GBYWN World Heavyweight Champion.

In Wrestling

  • Finishing moves
    • Texas Cloverleaf
    • Package Piledriver
    • Crap Lock (Koji Clutch)
  • Signature moves
    • Double Foot Stomp to the back followed by a Standing Senton
    • Figure Four Leg Lock
    • Left Leg Superkick
    • Roaring Elbow
  • Entrance Themes
    • "Let the Bridges Burn" by Killswitch Engage
    • "Anyone" by Beautiful Creatures - RLSW No Remorse 3 Weekend
    • "The Ripper" by Chinchilla - 2008
    • "Promoter" by Clutch - Mid 2008
    • "Electric Rodeo" by Shooter Jennings - 2007 to Early 2008
    • "Decadence" by Disturbed - Late March 2007
    • "This Fire Burns" by Killswitch Engage - Late 2006 to March 07
    • Canadian National Anthem - 2006 when in Team Canada
    • "Your Disease" by Saliva - 2006

Championships and Accomplishments

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