RLSW No Remorse 4

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RLSW No Remorse 4
Promotion Round Lake Syndicate Wrestling
Date August 1-2 2009
Venue RLSW Arena
Location Round Lake, New York
Free per view chronology
RLSW No Remorse 4
RLSW Northeast Cup 2009 TBD
RLSW No Remorse chronology
RLSW No Remorse 3 RLSW No Remorse 4 TBD

RLSW No Remorse 4 (or NR4 or NRIV) is a forthcoming backyard wrestling interpromotional supershow event produced by Round Lake Syndicate Wrestling, which will take place between August 1-2 2009 at the RLSW Arena in Round Lake, New York. It will feature talent from RLSW and invited performers from different federations.



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RLSW and several other invited backyard wrestling practitioners from different federations will hold a show together with mutliple matches on day 1 and day 2 in the RLSW Arena in Round Lake, New York. After many date modifications, the two-day event is confirmed to occur on both July 18 and 19, 2009. Wrestlers in representation of 2KW, WarZone Wrestling, and Universal Championship Wrestling are expected to show. The festivities occuring on both days are looked towards being an all-day spectacle.


Day Matches Stipulations Times
N/A Scotty Skills vs. CJ Cross TBD N/A
N/A Nick Lane vs. Vade Manson UWF Showcase match N/A
N/A Scotty Skills vs. Shawn Matthews TBD N/A


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