Annihilation Technical Trampoline Wrestling

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Acronym ATTW
Established June 24, 2009
Style Backyard Wrestling
Wrestling base Trampoline
Location Milford, Delaware
Formerly American Technical Trampoline Wrestling, American Hardcore Trampoline Wrestling
Associated Feds Extreme Backyard Wrestling
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Annihilation Technical Trampoline Wrestling is a defunct backyard wrestling promotion based out of Milford, Delaware. The federation has roots back to the early 2000s.



ATTW started on June, 24, 2009.

ATTW then got alot of new talent. With many former World Champions like Brandon Trader, Kendall Cosby, and TBA. ATTW also got mid-card talent like Marc Wyman, Venom, Mr. X and EFM.

With ATTW up for buisness, the in ring action began. The most notable fued was the one between the founders, Billy Leager and Tyler Janson, when Billy injured Tyler at Warfare 1 but Tyler returned at Last Survivor 2 and beat Billy in a Tables Match.


ATTW was the first fed to have a two month break every year, usually in December and January due to holidays, and also used the semi-scripting technique, where the winner is scripted but the moves aren't. It also was one of the few, if not the only, to use the Backwoods Brawl match, which takes place in the woods. The most famous of this match type is Billy Leager vs. Marc Wyman, when Billy hit a Rock Bottom off of a low branch on a tree, and injured himself in the landing. ATTW also uses a pool for some matches, the most famous of which is Leager vs. Tyler Janson, when Billy hit a diving spear off the diving board then reversed 2 RKO attempts into a backbreaker and a backstabber respectively, however Tyler won the match.


In March 2011 it was announced that ATTW would be going on a brief hiatus. However this hiatus was extended due to an injury Billy suffered in a 4-wheeler accident. Billy made a full recovery in short time and ATTW was set to return in mid April but Tyler bruised his ribs and the hiatus was extended yet again. During Tyler's recovery his computer crashed and all the scripts were lost. Billy and Tyler decided to call it quits on the fed, with many wrestlers moving on (Marc Wyman moved, The Boyz quit to focus on work, and Matt Naegele was kicked out for his drug abuse). Tyler and Billy announced that the ATTW would have its own "Hall Of Fame", though it is not actually a hall.

Hall Of Fame

ATTW announced, at their one-time reunion show, the Hall of Fame. The members would be as follows.
Billy Leager
Tyler Janson
The Boyz
Kendall Cosby

Final Champions

ATTW World Champion

Billy Leager

ATTW Light Heavyweight Champion


ATTW Tag Team Champions

The Boyz

Former Wrestlers

Brandon Trader
Josh Mears
Kendall Cosby
Marc Wyman
Masked Man
Matt Naegele
Mr. X
Billy Leager
Tyler Janson
Unknown Soldier

Former Tag Teams

M&M (Marc Wyman and Matt Naegele)
The Boyz (Terry and Allan)
Mystery and EFM
Brandon Trader and TBA
Country Boys (Billy Leager, Terry and Allan]]

List of Special Match Types

ATTW was not known for its high-flyers. So most matches were ground matches. Here is a list of the special matches that only ATTW had.

Electric Fence Match: The wrestlers in this match try to throw the other into the electric fence, ATTW's version of the Inferno Match.
Horse Stall Match: One of ATTWs few matches designed for both high flyers and ground wrestlers. In a horse stall match, a wrestler and his opponent are trapped inside a horse stall, they must climb out of the stall or ram the door down.
Backwoods Brawl: This is one of ATTWs most dangerous matches. In this match two wrestlers fight in the woods under no holds barred rules. These matches are known for people being thrown into trees.
Last Survivor Match: ATTWs version of Royal Rumble, this match includes the whole ATTW roster and the winner recieves the World Heavyweight Championship. Terry is the only wrestler to begin and end the Last Survivor match as World Champion.

Former Events

Last Survivor: Plays host to the annual Last Survivor Match, it is ATTW's Wrestlemania and Royal Rumble.
Breaking Point
Chopping Block
Don't Surrender
Death Row
The Coldest Day

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