Josh Mears

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Ring name Josh Mears
Height 5'10
Weight 275 lbs.
Resides Seaford, Delaware
Debut 2011

Josh Mears is a backyard wrestler who performs in Annihilation Technical Trampoline Wrestling (ATTW) and previously performed in Extreme Backyard Wrestling (EBW). Josh signed with ATTW in late 2010 and has been preparing for his debut due to the hiatus.


Backyard wrestling tenure

Bio summary

Josh helped with the founding of EBW and was one of its top tag team wrestlers.


Josh performed in EBW and won the tag team titles twice with his brother Timmy. He never won a singles title due to his short time in the company.


Josh signed in late 2010 and has been preparing for his debut by rehabbing injuries and practicing moves.


In March 2011 it was announced that ATTW would be going on a brief hiatus. However this hiatus was extended due to an injury Billy Leager suffered in a 4-wheeler accident. Billy made a full recovery in short time and ATTW was set to return in mid April but Tyler Janson bruised his ribs and the hiatus was extended yet again. During Tyler's recovery his computer crashed and all the scripts were lost. ATTW is set to return in August 2011, but the return could happen without Billy, who says he wants to focus on other things.

In Wrestling

  • Finishing and signature moves
    • Super Kick
    • Billy Goat's Curse
    • Double Underhook DDT
    • Chokeslam
  • Entrance Themes
  • EBW
    • "Hunt You Down" by Saliva
  • ATTW
    • "Lose It" by Atreyu

Championships and accomplishments

  • EBW
    • EBW Tag Team Champion (2 Times) -w/ Timmy Mears
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