Tyler Janson

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Ring name Tyler Janson
Height 6'1
Weight 170 lbs.
Born Febuary 22, 1995 (age 17)
Burlington, New Jersey
Resides Milford, Delaware
Debut 2009

Tyler Janson was an American backyard wrestler, who performed in his own company Annihilation Technical Trampoline Wrestling. He was one of their top performers due to his aggresiveness and speed and he was the longest tenured employee. Tyler was most known for his feuds with Billy Leager.

Overall, Tyler was a great wrestler with a ton of charisma. He prided himself on being unorthodox. He was one of four people to win the ATTW World Heavyweight Championship twice (Terry and Kendall Cosby have each won it twice and Billy Leager has won it 3 times). His aggressive style made for entertaining and exciting matches.


Backyard wrestling tenure

Bio summary

In 2009, Tyler came up with an idea for a trampoline wrestling federation, called Annihilation Technical Trampoline Wrestling. He and his friend Billy Leager co-founded the fed. After they had all of their wrestlers, Tyler had to think of plots, matches and gimmicks.

Annihilation Technical Trampoline Wrestling and first feud with Billy Leager

When Tyler and Billy debuted, they were the only two wrestlers. Soon, the federation was on full steam with many roster additions. Tyler was the first person to win the World Heavyweight Championship, defeating Kendall Cosby. This started a long feud with Cosby, which ended at Last Survivor when Kendall defeated Tyler for the title. But 2 events later at Chopping Block, Tyler defeated Kendall, Billy and Allan in a Fatal 4 Way to win back the title. Tyler wouldn't hold the title for long, as Billy would take the belt at Warfare 1. During the match Billy kayfabe injured Janson.

Return and second feud with Billy Leager

Tyler returned at Last Survivor 2 and beat Billy in a Tables Match.

ATTW hiatus and Injury

In March 2011 it was announced that ATTW would be going on a brief hiatus. However this hiatus was extended due to an injury Billy suffered in a 4-wheeler accident. Billy made a full recovery in short time and ATTW was set to return in mid April but Tyler bruised his ribs and the hiatus was extended yet again. During Tyler's recovery his computer crashed and all the scripts were lost. Billy and Tyler have announced that ATTW will take a much longer hiatus then expected but will be returning none the less. Tyler has said that August 2011 is the set return date for ATTW but it may be extended. The return may happen without Billy, as he intends to focus on other things.

ATTW Reunion Show

On January 15, 2012 ATTW held a reunion show that featured rematches of the greatest matches in ATTW history, include the tables match that Billy defeated Tyler in at Warfare 1. The matches were not scripted for this show. Billy once again defeated Tyler.

The End Of ATTW and Retirement

At the reunion show, Billy and Tyler announced that ATTW was finished. The two had lost money on the whole deal, and couldn't continue. Tyler has since announced his retirement from backyard wrestling, while Billy has left the door open for a return.

In Wrestling

  • Finishing and signature moves
    • Face Crusher (Superkick)
    • RKO (Jumping Cutter)
    • Spear
    • German Suplex
    • F5

Entrance Themes

Cage The Beast by Adelitas Way (Reunion Show)
Justice by Rev Theory (2011)
Bully by Three Days Grace (2010)
Sacred Lie by Disturbed (2010)
Violence Fetish by Disturbed (2009)

Championships and accomplishments

  • ATTW
    • ATTW World Heavyweight Champion (2 times)

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