Country Boys

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Country Boys
Members Billy Leager
Name Country Boys
Debut 2011
Promotion ATTW

Country Boys was a backyard wrestling heel stable in the now defunct Annihilation Technical Trampoline Wrestling which consisted of Billy Leager, Terry and Allan.

The team was by far the most accomplished tag team in ATTW, and has two main event stars (Billy Leager and Terry) and the most accomplished mid-carder in ATTW (Allan.)



Country Boys formed in early 2011 but its roots can be traced back to late 2009. Terry and Allan, then known collectively as The Boyz, were the ATTW Tag Team Champions. Billy, the World Champion at the time, decided he needed some back up for his match at Damnation 3, and got Terry and Allan to join his cause. During the match Terry and Allan attacked Billy's opponent, (Tyler Janson), and caused Billy to retain the title by DQ.

Later on Allan would win the Light Heavyweight Title three times in March. Terry and Allan would continue to reign as Tag Champs and Billy would as World Champ until ATTW's disbanding, although the team disbanded before that.

In wrestling

  • Theme music
    • Country Thang by Colt Ford

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