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New Iowa is a planet in the Griffin system.



The planet of New Iowa was discovered in 2047 by the American astronomer Jane G. Hilthorpe and her team using a series of orbital telescopes aimed to document nearby planetary bodies. At the time it was ranked as one among several dozen planets which were around the right size and in the right orbit to potentially be able to support alien life. The planet was named after Hilthorpe’s home state. However, it was not until the <insert appropriate company here> sponsored research in 2096 that New Iowa was given further assessment. Using the Visionary telescope located on the dark side of the moon, the aim of the study was to find suitable planets for potential terraforming and eventual colonisation.

The resolution of the Visionary far exceeded anything currently produced by mankind and enabled the team to subject distant star systems to quite detailed and rigorous study. It was on a late autumn day in 2098 that the first images of clouds over New Iowa resolved. When the study wrapped up just over a year later, New Iowa was the only system within reasonable range of earth that was recorded with so much surface water. Within two years, seven US corporations had signed on to build an Ark Ship capable of travelling to New Iowa with enough people to colonise the planet.


But almost from the get go, the Liberty Project was beset by internal rivalry between corporate members and government interference. Early construction efforts in near Earth orbit suffered extensive material shortages and reputedly at least one case of industrial sabotage with the first sections of the superstructure spectacularly burning up in Earth’s orbit in 2111. The project constantly threatened to crumble until the onset of the Migration Crises seemed to inspire in the American public a need to claim a new planet free from such horrors.

Continued observation of the Chimera system was eventually able to decipher six land masses on the planetary surface and these were initially named after the five children of Jane G. Hilthorpe. However, public consultation and lengthy marketing research led to changes in the names to make them sound more “continent” like.


The Liberty was launched in July 4th, 2127 and heralded as a triumph of American ingenuity and pioneering spirit. America daily tuned in to stories from the Liberty as it accelerated away from Earth and towards New Iowa. That was of course until the Russian demonstration of the Krasnikov Generator in 2135. The crew of the Liberty reportedly rioted upon hearing the news with several systems sustaining irreparable damage, including some of the communications arrays. The Liberty continued towards New Iowa and was still transmitting in 2142 having reported damage to it’s propulsion systems. A joint SBE-UISA mission was launched in 2146 to rescue the Liberty but no sign of it was ever found.

Intent on colonising New Iowa the USA launched a massive crash program constructing the then largest colonisation ship the Essex. However, disparate corporate interests and covert operations plagued this project as well. Thankfully however, the smaller scale of the project kept the project on track and in 2147 the Essex with 10,000 carefully picked colonists arrived in New Iowa and established nine permanent settlements across the largest continent. Each settlement began terraforming efforts immediately.

Within a month of their arrival, the terraforming colonists had documented several dozen unique micro-organisms. The discovery of alien life, even something as simple as single celled organisms was initially heralded as a discovery on par with the Krasnikov Generator. However, despite some minor differences, study showed little real difference between the alien organisms and similar ones on Earth.


By the late 2170s, terraforming efforts were starting to fall behind schedule. Corporate pressure finally forced the UISA government to invite external powers to join the colonising efforts. The SBE were to only government to respond favourably and in 2185 the SBE established a colony on the continent of North Tobius, contributing to the ongoing terraforming. In 2200, the UISA government sponsored another 5,000 colonists who brought with them the latest in genetically modified animals and crops designed for the New Iowa environment.


In 2212 the Russian Griffin Battle Group accompanied 50,000 colonists who occupied the continent X. The arrival of the Battle Group, later to be renamed the Second Extrasolar Fleet, was viewed by both the UISA and SBE with particularly concern, but the Russians wanted nothing to do with either power and have never made an aggressive move against outside interests within the system.



The UISA claim two continents on New Iowa. Arthonia was the largest and was initially claimed by the UISA because of this. The state created by the first colonists was called Raegan. Capital city is officially known as Grant Town, but everyone calls it Ulysis. The continent was in 2244 divided roughly in half into the two states of Raegan and Nixon. With the city of Leetown becoming Nixon's capital.

In 2251 a conglomerate led by Ford sponsored colonisation of the continent of Carolia creating the third New Iowan UISA state of Ford. The first settlement of Wovoka becoming the state's capital city.

Of the three states, Nixon has recently began pushing for independence believing that the UISA government is not truly capable of supporting their needs. Rumours persist that the recent visit the Governor of Nixon made to the SBE provinces were about more than trade agreements. The other two states are quite strongly still supportive of remaining in the UISA.


The British named the territory they occupied on North Tobius the County of New Cumberland. Its tiny population lives in three colonies; known as Kingsmarch (for George VII), Hilthorpe (for Jane Hilthorpe) and Fidelia, For Victoria II. The Governor General of the Colonies on North Tobius, Sir Henry Gerald Hillary II is quite a highly placed and prestigious position ruling the entire continent from the city of Churchill, in Kingsmarch. All the Kings of the Second Empire since New Cumberland's founding have visited New Iowa, but the reigning monarch, WIlliam VI, has yet to do so. The population is mostly ethnically Indian, with Anglo-Saxon and Singaporean the next largest two ethnic groupings.


The five soviet states on the planet (Names Kalishnikov, Zhukov, Samsonov, Kruschev and Brezhnev. Capital of Kalishnikov is New Vladivostok) are highly competitive with one another. To date, nothing more rhetoric has been spoken but rumours persist that violence is not too far away.


The ground forces left behind after the Arthurian Incursion have formed two administrative areas. Avalon (formerly South Tobias) is a martial state where the Arthurian Contact Forces have set up a military infrastructure in order to hold the borders of the land gifted to them by the Covenant Keepers.

The Forces that conquered New Africa have formed an integrated state with the previous CAS leaders. The New African army was too small to resist the combined air and ground assaults of Percival and Lancelot seats. In addition, New Africans were the largest groups to voluntarily be implanted with Arthurian wetware. The CAS government has wholeheartedly agreed with the Taliesinn policy of peaceful integration into existing governmental structures. The result is that the CAS is to an extent a combined African/Arthurian state, the political specifics of which are still being worked out by Taliesinn house planetside.

Other Powers

A conglomerate of Earth powers (largely based on the African continent) collectively purchased the continent of Cassidius from the UISA government in 2312 renaming it New Africa. Members of the conglomerate have begun to establish colonies on the planets surface but these are still very early efforts yet. With the entrance of the Arthurians and the absorption of the New Africans into the Arthurian servers, these states have gained new but as yet unknown potential.


1.052 times Earth’s size with almost identical gravities.

1 New Iowa day equals 24.37 hours, with the New Iowan year being 369.14 days long.

66% of surface covered in water, ongoing purification is necessary due to the toxic nature of several microbes found in the water.

Six continents (% of surface) – Arthonia (10%), New Africa (7%), North Tobias (6%), South Tobias (4%), Inath (4%) and Carolia (3%).

Weather slightly greater average rainfall, sky blue-green

Arthonia is located in the northern hemisphere and is the continent which is home to the majority of UISA colonisation. A small part of the continent was captured by the Arthurians.

New Africa (previously named Cassidius) sits in the southern hemisphere and was sold to the Confederated African States in 2312 and is the site of limited colonisation efforts. It was captured by the Arthurians during there incursion.

New Cumberland, previously known as "North Tobias", is also located in the northern hemisphere and is the home of SBE colonisation.

Avalon (previously named South Tobias) sits along the equator and is currently largely unclaimed. Exploratory teams from all sides periodically can be found across it. It was gifted to the Arthurians by a Russian Covenant Keeper sect and ground forces were moved in to maintain an occupation.

Svoboda (свобода), previously known as "Inath", is located in the southern hemisphere and is claimed by the USSR.

Carolia is located in the southern hemisphere and is the second continent claimed by the UISA.



The UISA maintains a number of military installations and orbital platforms. The New Iowan states were the first to start leasing military infrastructure, something which quickly spread back to Earth. The military in system is designed for defence and largely aimed at securing the very important and highly trafficked route to Earth.


SBE military installations are aimed at defending against either Russian or American aggression, although to date neither situation has ever arisen. The defences are designed to be sufficient to withstand any attack until the royal fleet can arrive from earth.


Given the massive industrial base on the planetary surface, the USSR military is highly mechanised. The Second Battle group is permanently stationed in the Chimera system and whilst elements patrol nearby space, the Russian space docks continue to produce and ship out military hardware.



The five Russian states have each established massive mining and manufacturing industries with little to no concern for the environmental damage they are wreaking. The vast majority of finished goods are sent back to Earth although export to both the UISA and SBE colonies on the planet are also lucrative. The local economy is fuelled by the incredibly voracious need of Earth for raw materials and semi finished goods.


Predominantly focused on continued development of their two continents, the local governments continue to make immigration to New Iowa increasingly attractive. Most major corporations now have at least a satellite office situated on one if not both continents, and in some cases have moved their head office to New Iowa to take advantage of the lucrative tax incentives. Bio-industries continue to be the most advanced and sophisticated on the planet aimed at taking advantage of the unique organisms found on the planet, each year several dozen new species of microbes are catalogued.


The SBE seem to have taken a middle road between exploitative strip mining and long term development. Many of the functions and services are copies of UISA equivalents.


<see discussion page for population histories>

population growth largely due to immigration

Average life span around 100yrs (130yrs is Earth standard) due to alien bacterial infections. The average life span is increasing each year as ongoing research and natural resistance take firmer hold.


The populace of New Iowa consider themselves to be particularly blessed. The planet has a high standard of living and all populations amongst the respective powers enjoy a positive outlook.

The Covenant Keepers maintain several large cathedrals and churches across each of the continents claiming that the aliens who captured the Liberty likely seeded New Iowa with life for their own efforts and that they will one day return to reclaim their home.

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