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New Iowa - UISA

immigration growth population

2147 10,000

2200 5,000 0.60% 18,731

2250 5,000 1.80% 50,703

2300 5,000 2.60% 187,979

2367 3.30% 1,655,122

USA - corporate drops, not state-sponsored. Transport infrastructure and cheap travel creates massive growth.

New Iowa - SBE

immigration growth population

2185 6,000

2200 22,000 -0.20% 27,822

2250 25,000 1.20% 75,515

2300 29,000 1.85% 217,836

2367 2.00% 820,998

SBE - all but 2000 of each large drop are indian. Larger rates are poorer whites piggybacking off the excellent US shuttle service.

New Iowa - USSR

immigration growth population

2212 50,000

2237 15,000 1.05% 79,920

2250 1.10% 92,134

2300 1.15% 163,198

2367 1.20% 362,918

Russia - one drop simply to take advantage of uncolonised space.

Total planetary population is 2.8 million

OK, I like most of this, but a few questions -

1) did the Russians REALLY come on board the terraforming investment, or merely take over the continent int he 2250s by force of arms?

2) Why are Russian states more interested in warring betweent hemselves? It's not massvely Russian - maybe there's unrest or revolutionary zeal, but I dont' see them wearring amongst themselves.

Chimerra or Griffon

I noticed while editing the New Iowa page that in some places it is in the Chimera system and in others it is in the Griffin system. Which is correct?
--Randall Sakai 22:07, 21 October 2006 (EDT)

Chimera contains Neuostland, Griffin New Iowa. Boots 00:48, 28 February 2007 (EST)

What happened to Arthurian ground forces?

If our ship left the system immediately after being attacked, it did so without picking up the ground forces. Are our forces still occupying captured territory?

Percival Prime ordered them back onto the Arthur, which caused the delay that alowed the Terretrial fleets to engage the mothership.Boots 00:49, 28 February 2007 (EST)
But our communications were being jammed and before that we weren't being attacked so we had no reason to pull them out.
Also, what happened to - 1) the territory we captured, 2) the territory in South Tobias which i think we legally own (the covanent keepers were giving us the territory, not sure whether they had transferred it), 3)the people in our captured territory who we had begun integrating. I assume the Americans would have retaken their territory, but was the old government reinstated in africa or did the other nations fight over it. Also we would we leave so quickly since our whole purpose was to colonise this planet (or I am just getting fooled by my own factions propaganda)?
I'm pretty sure Percival Prime ordered a general retreat first, but I may be wrong. I'll have to check with a couple of the other Arthurian players. If they were stranded, I guess they'd have moved into South Tobias in force under your direction.
You left so quickly because you simply couldn't afford to lose the Arthur, and didn't have the forces to take New Iowa. Boots 08:30, 3 March 2007 (EST)
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