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Genetic Engineering is the science of creating physical or biochemical changes, or additions to an organism. Due to the Treaty of New Iowa genetic augmentation is illegal.

Genetic engineering is most commonly legally used to clone replacement organs or limbs for injured or ill people. If an injury is life threatening, replacement of the injured organ or organs with cybernetics will often be done until replacements can be grown.



Although the use of genetic alteration - as opposed to making a genetic copy through cloning, is outlawed, there are certain very specific exceptions. Namely, if an individual carries, or expresses a delitirious medical condition resulting in disease or discomfort, then medical intervention to replace the damaged section of the genome with a section of an approved genetic template is permissable.

Sentient Clones

Due to several court cases, in all major countries sentient clones are considered siblings of their genetic donor, but are not bound by any contracts entered into by their donor, held responsible for any crimes committed by their donor, and are not included in any inheritance unless specifically mentioned. Clones must possess a neural system, or neural matter in order to be considered sentient. Although the creation of sentient clones is frowned upon, some rich individuals have created clones of themselves who they have then deeded their fortunes to.

(What about German Eugenic programs? Some mention should be made somewhere...)

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