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Message to the Directorate pertaining to SS extra-solar activities

Central Intelligence Agency - <Germany> <Organizations> <SS> <Genetic Engineering> <Top Secret>

Reported by: Special Agent Johnathon Kim

"Sirs, according to our reports, which are admittedly sketchy, the SS ruling cabal is genetically engineering their people. My contact on <Location Omitted>, <Name Omitted> mentioned that new SS are created and formed through the Wolfsrudel (Wolf pack) process, in which batches of children are cloned from a single genotype, typically that of a notable and successful Aryan exemplar.
The SS who share a genotype are known collectively as a Wolfsrudel. The SS-Wissenschaftkorps keeps track of the performance of each Wolfsrudel, assessing which genotype is suitable for further production, and which should be eliminated or allowed to die out. Wolfsrudeln are also ranked internally on the basis of performance. Grossdeutschland maintains that the Wolfsrudeln process does not violate the New Iowa Concords."


It is widely known that the basic fighting unit of the Waffen-SS is a Wolfsrudeln of thirty men, equivalent in size to a Platoon. Though a tiny number of SS soldiers have ever been encountered by foreigners, the discovery in 2342 by the CIA that members of each Wolfsrudeln all have the same last name has only added veracity to the myth that they are constructed genetically from the ground up.

Intercepted transmissions have alerted the galactic community to the fact that SS 'genotypes' are ranked. The ranking system has produced some controversy; are 1st Generation genotypes the oldest, with the newest 3rd and 4th generation genotypes being clones of more recently departed ro more difficult to obtain genes? Or are 1st Generation genotypes clones of the oldest and most respected Aryans, with an inbred hierarchy even within the SS? Only the SS know for sure.

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