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The ruling class of Grossdeutschland, operating as a state-within-a-state. Definitely genetically augmented, and probably genetically manufactured to a particular specification in defiance of the Treaty of New Iowa.

Operates its own army and spacefleet, known collectively as the Waffen-SS.


The Ubermensch Controversy

In 2190 the SS-Wissenschaftkorps under the leadership of Generalleutnant-Doktor der Waffen-SS Hans Reichman finally cracked the last few elements of the DNA double helix, and immediately began serious work on engineering a true Master Race. The initial results were disastrous and were known as Berserkers (little is known about this as the records are sealed under the Offical Reich Secrets Act until 2500). The failure of the Beserker project is believed to have been the final impetus for the GDL to sign the Treaty of New Iowa.

The Treaty did not stop research, but it certainly slowed down further progress in this field. The SS instead turned back to Eugenics in order to create new members, based on a system of merit. Particularly fine examples of the Aryan spirit contribute their genetic material from which groups of clones are made. This, combined with rigorously planned breeding programs, genetic monitoring to screen out inferior genetic stock and exceptional physical conditioning, have resulted in the physically exceptional Ubermenschen phenotype - possessed of increased strength, endurance, and reaction time.

Persistent rumors, vehemently denied, suggest that Ubermenschen continue in fact to be genetically altered. Certainly, the Ubermenschen of today are exceptional physical specimens. The (German government) simply point to this as proof of Aryan genetic superiority.

SS Families

The SS Caste is organised into a number of large clans, each named for a different hero from Grossdeutschland's past.

Clan Bismarck

Clan Tirpitz

Clan Moltke

Clan Frederick

Clan Siegfried

Clan Wagner

Clan Donitz

Clan Bormann

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