The Covenant Keepers

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Overheard in the mess hall at the Uluru Launch Site for the British Space Shipping Co., central Australia:

"I've heard about these blokes from this guy who runs cargo out to the Yanks on Ganymede. Now, sure he reckons the Sov's have some kind of deal going with some extraterrestrials to give them better Kras drives, but he was saying these guys think that the arkships'll return bringing with them real proof that the aliens are out there."

Transcribed from a conversation with an (alleged) Covenant Keeper at a "gathering" on the Yucatan Penninsula (Mexico)

"The Arkships will return, they will bring with them the ultimate cure to the problems facing our system. They will bring back the grail from which humanity must drink and thus be reborne! Rejoice for the time is at hand" - Subsequent observation of the subject showed that he ingested large quantities of a hallucinogenic substance commonly referred to as "Lightskies".

From "The Covenant Keepers - Aztec Blood Rituals to Government Links" by popular author Luic de Pretre (date plublished)

"It is a well known fact that the governments of both Grossdeutschland and the British Empire have close ties to this organisation. Links between the well connected Gore political dynasty and the Covenant Keepers cult. Though shrouded in mystery, the goals of this group are surprisingly clear - total domination of the great governements of the world to prepare the world for the return of the arkships."

Excerpt from "Watch the Skies - the Arkships" Documentary. Narrated by Jacques Rouen

"Of course, there are a number of people who believe that the return of the Arkships is more of a matter of time than a matter of luck. Known as the Covenant Keepers, they are a semi-legitimate organisation in most of the extrasolar territories. Some governments regard them with considerable mistrust due to their not inconsiderable funds."

From a message sent across the Covenant Keeper communications network (Intercepted by GRU operative 3794:

"Rejoice my brothers and sisters for at last, our faith has born fruit! The great Arkship Arthur has returned! They are heading towards New Iowa. I urge all of you to make your way to the Griffin system to greet our long lost brothers and to help them bring their knowledge to the unvierse of mankind."
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