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The Moon and Mars: co-operation with the Soviets

  • In 1972 the Germans constructed a Moon Base on Luna.
  • in 1990 the Germans launched a Mars explorer from the Moon, and established a Mars base in 1997.
  • In 2006, under the Treaty of Voskhod, Grossdeutschland and the USSR agreed to co-operate on the terraforming of Mars. They commenced the plan in 2011, and it was completed in 2023.

Further exploration and conflict

Ubermensch and Uber-crops

In 2190 The SS-Wissenschaftkorps under the leadership of Generalleutnant-Doktor der Waffen-SS Hans Reichman finally cracked the last few elements of the DNA double helix. This sort of research had only been pursued by the Nazis (and specifically the SS) since the late twenty-first century, as 99% of the genome was more than enough for most required genetic modification.

Immediately upon cracking the code, it is assumed the SS began all manner of incredible experiments with species produced from custom-coded DNA. While specifics are not known, outbreaks of a particularly rampant form of cancer from German citizens eating a new-supercrop grown on Neuostland and exported to both New Iowa and New Ukraine for growing caused grave consternation in the extrasolar community.

This fear led to the signing of the Treaty of New Iowa banning all custom-built genetic code in 2199, and a revision to the Treaty of Io banning any form of Gene weapon in 2232.

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