Gustav von Paulus

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  • Name: Herr Markgraf Gustav von Paulus
  • Age: 45
  • Birthplace: Baden-Wurttemburg, Germany, Earth, Sol


Eldest son of Luitpold Johan von Paulus and Hannah Sarah von Klostermann. Educated at the Heidelburg Academy, then at Tübingen University, studying Administration, International Political Economics and Languages. Graduated with a Masters degree in Political Administration.

Joined the Diplomatic Corps and was posted to the Grossdeutschland mission on Mars, under Graf von Orlock, during the Deutschlander-Soviet détente.

Distinguished himself as the author of the renowned treatise Die Beziehung kolonialer Besitze zu Außenpolitik (The Relationship of Colonial Possessions to Foreign Policy).

Most recently

Sat upon the Grossdeutschland delegation at the negotiation of amenable peace terms during the Neuostland crisis, narrowly averting a potentially calamitous clash of powers, by calling for all sides to stand down. Through careful diplomacy, he convinced Admiral Natasha Ivanova Petrova to withdraw from the release of her illegal nuclear arsenal, saving millions of German lives, along with those of all the parties within the Arminius Administrative Compound.

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