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The moon and administrative capital of Neuostland, in the Chimera System.

Arminius was named for the Germanic general who defeated Varus' Roman legions in the Battle of Teutoburg Forest, in antiquity. The German governor rules the bauernwelt of Neuostland from a distance, collecting the produce while watching the population through a web of satellites, and ensuring they are incapable of rising against their rulers with occasional surgical strikes against local hotspots.

Arminius contains the governmental body ruling the planet, its administrators, a Wehrmacht garrison and fast response unit, and a collection and despatching facility for shipping the planet's produce back to Sol. It is primarily administered and inhabited by functionaries of the Reichs Ministry of the Outer Colonies.





Defence batteries

Arminius' formidable collection of weapon systems is designed to fit ino the unique defensive strategy devised for Neuostland. Since the planet's infrastructure is primitive, its population deemed expendable and its entire surface covered with vulnerable crops, It is considered both indefensible and unworthy of defence by the OKR, the Raumswaffe High Command.

Instead, Arminius' batteries fulfil multiple purposes. It has three distinct batteries of weapons. The first is a selecion of long-range missiles designed to strike at an approaching hostile fleet still outside cislunar space. Incapable of destroying a fleet, these are intended for disruption and attrition only. The second is a variety of weapons for engaging a fleet that has entered cislunar space - missiles for striking a fleet on the far side of the planet, railguns and energy weapons for engaging a fleet within line of sight, and finally long-range kinetics for close defensive fighting around the moon itself. The overall strategy seems to be neutralising the attcking fleet and ignoring the planet below.

The final defensive battery is the most contentious, and the one that human rights activists have critisiced. Pointed at the planet below, they consist of a number of large-scale warheads. NATO2 and Russian Experts have concluded that these form the last-ditch section of the German defence, and while they are unsure of what the warheads on these missiles contain, they are certain they are designed to render the planet below useless for the victor.

Fast Response Team

The Schnell Wartemannschaft are a crack rapid response team through which the most promising of the Wehrmacht's incoming volunteers are cycled, in order maximise combat experience amongst its troops.

It is equipped with the most modern of weapons from the various defence contractors on Earth. Again, the populace of Neuostland provide the perfect opportunity to combat test their newest designs.

Wehrmacht Garrison Troops




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