Jurgen Marder

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CHARACTER NAME: Reichsfuhrer-SS Jurgen Marder

NATIONALITY: Grossdeutschland

BIO: The current leader of the SS is Jurgen Marder. He is a near giant of a man. He has been in the position since 2273 when he took over from the previous Reichsfuhrer. He is rarely seen in public and is generally considered to be a man of few words and great actions. In his early career, he was part of the SS RaumPioneers and several films have been made, loosely based on his exploits in that unit (These are generally considered to be nothing more than propaganda by the other powers). Marder is known to be a shrewd combatant both on the ground and in space.

There is little or no public information as to his childhood and early life. It is known that he trained at the Heidlberg Military Academy as well as the Bremen Institute of Space Warfare before taking a command position in the SS RaumPioneers.

Gender: Male

Age: 37

Birthplace (Country, Planet, System): Germany, Earth, Sol

Profession: Commander in Chief of the SS forces, Head of the Waffen SS.

Physical Description: Standing at over 200cm tall and weiging over 130kg (all of it muscle) Reichsfuhrer-SS Marder is an imposing figure. His ice blue eyes and near white blonde, cropped hair only serve to accentuate his Aryan genetic stock.

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