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This user is a crazy towelhead or something.

Please don't insult Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) or joke about putting the Quran in a toilet when this user is around, or they will be forced to issue a fatwa against you.

A white Muslim convert from St. Louis, Reichsjager has a well deserved reputation as the single most confrontational member of the board. He is either the instigator of, or active participant in, most of the flame wars that happen on SpeakEasy. An Unapologetic German and Muslim, Reichsjager has no qualms about putting lesser races or religions in their place. This also means that he has several active enemies on SE, including Il Ragno, Polichinello, and most notably Steamshiptime. RJ's feud with SST has become particularly intense, with SST accusing Reichsjager of being a "fraud", with Reichsjager countering that SST is both a hypocrite and a closeted homosexual. "The 'Jaeger" has also been known to have it out with Thermonuclear Warrior from time to time.

Rumored to be and ex-cop and currently a PI, Reichsjager is one of the four who uncovered the Brandon Orr/Crypto Racist link. His known associates are Heimdall 2.0, Ali, Exorcism, Johnny_Turk, O'Zebedee and Angocachi. Reichsjager's compatriots in Anglophile faggotry are Gravity_Bastard and Zed

Perhaps Reichsjager's most important contribution to SE is his relation of how niggers made him spill chili all over his car.

See Securing the chili

RJ Trivia

  • RJ's wife is rumored to be an extremely hot half-german half polak mix with huge funners
  • RJ is a Maliki Sunni Muslim
  • RJ was runner up for "Biggest Asshole of Speakeasy", although losing handily to the Jaybird
  • RJ runs the pro-germanic Woden's Forest Fiefdom
  • RJ moderates the History Forum as well as Culture and Society
  • RJ was originally known as The_Janissary at LibertyForum, whence he met one Niccolo and Donkey
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