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Like the song says, O'Zebedee has been everywhere, m-a-a-a-a-n.

He's played street hockey with priests in Rome, sent Scandinavian Scientologists into an irate tizzy in London by observing that a painting of L Ron Hubbard made him "look fat," and once passed a bewildering evening at a Sein Fein meeting in Belfast.

He's trouble, that one.

As the music moderator on Speakeasy, O'Zebedee has no goal other than to post as much about obscure bands as he can find - thus, you can usually find him in long, winding threads about such things with il ragno, Intrepid, Jaybird, Jackson and Niccolo and Donkey and a few others, music nerds all.

If O'Zebedee could be said to have a nemesis on Speakeasy it's The Retard, a Phora poster who claims to be an ex member of Black Oak Arkansas



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