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So hot! Stud of Speakeasy!

This hunk is hereby declared an official stud of Speakeasy, with all the rights and privileges pertaining thereto.*
(Note: There are no rights or privileges.)

Niccolo works on his tan

Role on Speakeasy and Personal life

The owner and administrator of Speakeasy, Niccolo is of Balkan-Roma descent and lives in downtown Toronto, Ontario with his life partner, Liberian expatriate and tone-poet Deborah Allawi. They have one three-year old daughter, Sunshine, whom Niccolo proudly describes as "Canada's future governor-general!"

For Niccolo's views on national governance, please see The Glorious Turkmenbashi

The man is also a well known jeans and cigarette smuggler to Croatian and Canadian authorities. Niccolo doesn't like Slovenians either, every time he tries to cross the border they call him cigan (i.e. gypsy).


Speakeasy was temporarily down for a month after Niccolo was shot to death by NATO soldiers on a trip back to Croatia, but was resurrected after 30 days with its owner.

Where's Nic?

In mid-July 2007, he was kidnapped by Richard Gere's crack team of teenage mutant ninja gerbils while vacationing. His wereabouts are to this day unknown. One theory states that Richard Gere is forcing the men of the Balkans (including Niccolo and Awar) to incubate mutant rodents in their anuses and sending them to China to battle Hu Jintao's kung-fu robots as part of the Dalai Lama's bid for world domination and to free Tibet. Richard Gere denied these allegations while the Dalai Lama had no comment.

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