Il ragno

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Il Ragno, aka Ill Fagno, is a born and bred, NYC Guinea who was squirted out by a hapless Italian lady sometime in the early 1960s. In his youth, Il Ragno was subjected to the discordant influences of 1970s dope culture while simultaneously being marinated in the Guido culture of corner boy Dagos. Essentially, Il Ragno would spend his days puffing on spliffs rolled with Jersey ditch weed to the strains of Zeppelin III before joining his fellow Paisans on wild hunts that involved hurling bricks at Negroes from the window of a Plymouth Fury.

Il Ragno grew into a bizarre, misanthropic, possibly sociopathic, yet riotiously funny man who spends his days critiquing popular culture, lamenting the passing of genuine B-movie cinema, plotting the demise of the Jew, and giving a voice to an unbeleivably weird demographic found only in America.

Il Ragno is essentially a Platypus...a naturally occuring mutant.

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