Johnny Turk

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Above: Johnny Turk, after posting another tranny on Speakeasy

Is a self described "Most Valuable Poster" and suspected paid shill of the Turkish government hired to "defend against attacks on Turkishness" on Speakeasy. He frequently posts pictures of attractive Turkish women in order to "promote Turkishness" but usually comes under attack by the flaming homosexuals and jealous butch Lesbians of the board. He does however get praised behind the scenes by the heterosexuals of the board who fear to come under attack by the before mentioned homosexuals of the board if they were to speak out openly about it.He is accused of being a "Turk" but only a handful of Speakeasy posters know his true ethnicity.

He is also known to advocate against the Catholic church for It's pedophiliac nature citing Pastor Fred W. Phelps' to support his claims. He also states that NAMBLA (North American Man Boy Love Association)is a front for the Catholic church. The Catholic posters of Speakeasy are well known to attack him for preaching the truth about their sodomite enabling pedophile organization dressed up as a "church".

Lastly Johnny Turk is also a well known supporter of the Iraqi resistance with his display of "Victory to the Iraqi Resistance" in his signature. He frequently posts reports of U.S and Coalition casualties in Iraq and posts links to videos of Iraqi resistance attacks.

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