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1933 Constitution of Peru1979 Constitution of PeruAMBB
Air ZaïreAlbaniaAlternate Constitution
Am I pretty?An analysis of the Economy of the Indian Social RepublicAnastasio Somoza Portocarrero
Angolan Armed ForcesAngola—Zaire relationsAnother Constitution
Army of the Republic of Viet NamAustriaAuthenticity
Bee you see kayBelgium—Zaire relationsBenin
Best Constitution EverBlahBrazil
Brazilian Air ForceBrazilian ArmyBrazilian Imperial Army
Brazilian NavyBulgariaBurkina Faso
BzzztCabindaCabinet of Central America
Cabinet of IranCabinet of South AfricaCanada
Canadian ForcesCanadian Forces Land Force CommandCentral America
Central Intelligence OrganisationChristiaan Willem SmutsChristophe Sassou Ngouabi
Civil Cooperation BureauClimate of ZaireColin Urquhart
ColombiaCommunist BrazilCon
Confederate States of AmericaCongolese People's Air ForceCongolese People's Army
Congolese People's NavyCongolese Revolutionary Socialist PartyConstitution
Constitution (alternate version)Constitution for new NS countryConstitution of Baltravia
Constitution of BrazilConstitution of Brazil (dictatorship)Constitution of Ethiopia
Constitution of GuaymurasConstitution of LedgersiaConstitution of Magdha
Constitution of MurcielagoConstitution of RhodesiaConstitution of Valverde
Constitution of Viet NamConstitution of ZaireConstitution of possible new country
Constitution of the Democratic People's Republic of the CongoConstitution of the Empire of BrazilConstitution of the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland
Constitution of the Kingdom of FranceConstitution of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay, 1951Constitution of the Republic of Chile, 1925
Constitution of the Republic of Nicaragua, 1974Constitution of the Republic of Panama, 1972Constitution of the Republic of Paraguay, 1940
Constitution of the Republic of Paraguay, 1967Constitution of the Republic of Peru, 1933Constitution of the Republic of Peru, 1979 (Spanish)
Constitution of the Republic of Venezuela, 1961Constitution of the Republic of VerdeguayControl Panel
Council of Ministers of ValverdeCubaCurrent events
Cutie you're crazyDafuqDemocratic People's Republic of the Congo
Democratic Republic of the CongoDiana ChengDjalelo
Economy of ZaireEducation in Zaire
Eff-you-see-kayEmpire of BrazilEmpire of Brazil (Global Progress)
EthiopiaFederation of Rhodesia and NyasalandFestus Mogae
Final ConstitutionForeign relations of Central AmericaForeign relations of South Africa
Foreign relations of ZaireFranceFrance—Zaire relations
French RepublicGbadoliteGeography in Zaire
GeorgiaGomaGran Colombia
Greater Republic of Central AmericaGécaminesHaiti
HeaderHino da IndependênciaHmm
Holy shit ANOTHER constitutionHow To Halt Currently Being Nervous All Around Beautiful Women5613784Ian Khama
Image logo urlImagesImperial Constitution
Imperial Iranian ArmyImperial Iranian Ground ForceImperial Russian Air Force
Imperial Russian ArmyIndex.phpIndia
Indian ArmyIndian National ArmyIndian National Army Air Force
Indian National Army Coast GuardIndian National Army Ground ForceIndian National Army Navy
Indian Nationalist PartyIndian Social Republic
IranIraqIsrael—Zaire relations
It ends with an "i"!ItalyJamshid Savadkouhi
JeanaemznyubjizWittliff4136434João de Oliveira MendonçaKatanga
Keshav UpadhyayaKingdom of ItalyKingdom of Romania
La ZaïroiseLa Zaïroise (student parody)Languages of Zaire
LibyaLibyan People's ArmyLisala
List of Brazilian monarchsList of Brazilian nobilityList of General-Secretaries of the Congolese Revolutionary Socialist Party
List of Presidents of Central AmericaList of Presidents of ValverdeList of Presidents of the Democratic People's Republic of the Congo
List of Prime Ministers of BrazilList of Prime Ministers of South AfricaList of Prime Ministers of the Democratic People's Republic of the Congo
List of State Presidents of South AfricaList of national capitalsLubumbashi
Luís I of BrazilMIBAMagdha Army
Main PageMajor equipment of the FAZMangosuthu Lutuli
Mexican EmpireMexican Imperial ArmyMexico
Military of BrazilMilitary of Burkina FasoMilitary of Colombia
Military of Imperial RussiaMilitary of LibyaMilitary of Mozambique
Military of NigeriaMilitary of Viet NamMilitary of the Empire of Brazil
Military of the Russian EmpireMilitary of the West African UnionMobutu Sese Seko
National Guard (Brazil)New NS NationNicaragua
NigeriaNigerian Air ForceNigerian Army
Nigerian NavyNonspamOkay sir
Orange Free StateParamilitary Forces of IndiaPeople's Liberation Army Ground Force
People's Republic of ChinaPeople's Republic of China—Zaire relationsPeople's Republic of Zaire
PeruPeru-Bolivian ConfederationPhilippines
PoopPortugalPortuguese Army
PppPresidency of ZaireRadicalization
RandRegions of ZaireRenaming of places in Zaire
Republic of ChinaRepublic of China ArmyRepublic of China Navy
Research and Analysis WingRevised Constitution of LedgersiaReza Shah II
Rivers and lakes of ZaireRomaniaRoyal South African Air Force
Royal South African NavyRoyal Yugoslav ArmyRumble in the Jungle
Russian Empire
SalongoShabaShaba I
Shaba IISocialist Federal Republic of YugoslaviaSocialist Republic of Central America
South AfricaSouth Africa and weapons of mass destructionSouth African Air Force
South African ArmySouth African Defence ForceSouth African Military Health Service
South African NavySouth African PoliceSouth African military ranks
Soviet Union—Zaire relationsSpainSpanish Navy
Special Forces of IndiaSpecial Presidential DivisionSpecial Protection Group
Strategic Forces CommandSubdivisions of Central AmericaThailand
The Call of South AfricaTrackback.phpUnion Defence Force
Union of South AfricaUnited Provinces of Central AmericaUnited States
United States ArmyUnited States of South AmericaUnited States—Zaire relations
University of KinshasaUpper VoltaValverde
VenezuelaViet NamViet Nam Air Force
Viet Nam NavyWally (game)West African Union
Wicked DevilWow Ma'am!You're pretty you're pretty
YugoslaviaZaireZaire (currency)
Zaire RiverZairian involvement in the Angolan Civil WarZairianization

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