List of Wild Bison Herds

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[edit] United States

[edit] Publicly-Owned

Note: Only the first eight of the herds in this category have been (so far) found to be free of cattle genes. Links to papers regarding cattle genes in wild bison Remaining herds fit into the criteria of wild bison in other regards (and have in some cases very low frequency of cattle gene introgression), thus their management is still considered relevant in relation to other wild herds.

Yellowstone National Park- Wyoming, Montana and Idaho

Henry Mountain BLM - Utah

Grand Teton National Park- Wyoming

Wind Cave National Park - South Dakota

Badlands National Park - South Dakota

Teddy Roosevelt National Park - North Dakota

Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge - Oklahoma

Catalina Island - California

Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge - Colorado

Camp Pendelton Marine Corps Base - California

Custer State Park- South Dakota

Bear Butte State Park- South Dakota

Sandsage Bison Range and Wildlife Area - Kansas

Big Basin Preserve - Kansas

Maxwell Wildlife Refuge - Kansas

Delta Junction Bison Range - Alaska

Farewell BLM Herd - Alaska

Chitina and Copper River Herds - Alaska

National Bison Range - Montana

Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge - Iowa

Antelope Island State Park - Utah

Fort Niobrara National Wildlife Refuge - Nebraska

Tall-Grass Prairie Preserve - Oklahoma

House Rock WMA - Arizona

Raymond WMA - Arizona

Blue Mounds State Park - Minnesota

[edit] Privately Owned

American Prairie Foundation - Montana

Cross Ranch Reserve - North Dakota

Niobrara Valley Preserve - Nebraska

Samual H. Ordway Preserve - South Dakota

Medano-Zapata Ranch - Colorado

[edit] Canada

Wood Buffalo National Park - Alberta and NWT

Grasslands National Park - Saskatchewan

Prince Albert National Park - Saskatchewan

Primrose Lake Air Weapons Range - Sakatchewan

MacKenzie Bison Sanctuary - NWT

Hay-Zama Herd - Alberta

Fort Liard/Nahanni Herd - NWT

Pink Mountain Herd - BC

Elk Island National Park - Alberta

Syncrude/Fort McKay Herd - Alberta

Chitek Lake - Manitoba

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