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Welcome to WikiMACS, the (un)official WMACS wiki!

WMACS stands for the Washington Metropolitan Association of Chinese Schools. WMACS hosts a week-long residential camp (of the same name) that has been held at Frostburg State University since 1997 and at other universities since 1989. Kids who attend this camp range from ages 8 to 17. What started out as a volleyball camp has evolved into a Chinese Culture camp where legendary attendees like Jeffrey Ian Chen, June Liang, and Kevin Fang have touched the hearts of hundreds of camp-goers. If you have taken part in this camp, please feel free to add anything you might remember about camp. This wiki was set up to keep the great memories and moments of camp alive.

"What is a wiki?" you might ask. According to Wikipedia, "A wiki (prounounced <WEE-kee>) is a type of website that allows users to easily add, remove, or otherwise edit and change some available content...This ease of interaction and operation makes a wiki an effective tool for collaborative authoring." Wiki-wiki means "hurry quick" in Hawaiian. Since no one knows EVERYTHING about WMACS, we thought that a wiki would be by far the best way to create a website about it!

What YOU need to do: Sign up for an account and start adding/editing entries!

We hope to eventually have a page for every camper, counselor, inside joke, Frostburg name it! The best part is YOU (yes you!) can create a page for anything! But first you must create an account to create or edit entries. Go to "Sign in/create account" in the top right to get started! Also, if you have anything to add to existing entries, please feel free to do so. Just make sure you leave what's already there, unless you're making a correction!

Please, no profanity, vandalism, or slurs and epithets, racial or otherwise. Also, please try to write as impartially and with as much detail as you can. This isn't just for us, it's for us to tell other people about us too!

Guidelines: We hate to set up rules for adding entries, but we want to keep this wikimacs as linked and easy to traverse as possible. So here are a few things we'd like you to remember to do when adding a new entry so that everything is easier to find:

  • Add your entry to a Category.
  • Make as many Internal Links as you think exist.
  • When creating a new page or internally linking, make sure the page doesn't already exist and CHECK your spacing and capitalization...this wiki IS CASE-SENSITIVE!
  • When adding an entry about a person or yourself, be sure not to put up any personal information that you wouldn't want a stranger to see.
  • As noted above, keep it clean.


  • Check out the Wikipedia tutorial Here! or the Wikipedia Formatting Cheatsheet Here!
  • To create a new entry, change the URL to of your new entry), then hit edit.
  • Blue links mean a page exists, red links mean they don't. You can edit a page by clicking "edit" at the top. If you follow a red link, it will take you straight to the edit screen for that page, letting you create it by writing the first version!
  • Put double square brackets (like these [[ ]]) around a word or phrase to link it to an internal WikiMACS page. Add |{word or phrase} if you want another word or phrase to appear as the text. For example, if I want to link to Cindy Yu's page, but only want it to say "Cindy," I would do this: Cindy (edit the main page and check the formatting to see how I did it)
  • To add an entry to a category, add this snippet to the end of the entry: [[Category:{name of category}]]
  • Put [{URL, including http...} {text you want to appear}] to link to an external (non-WikiMACS) page, such as Google (again, check the formatting to see how I did it!).
  • See sample pages for help with coding by clicking "edit"

Here's a running list of things and ideas to add/edit:

Campers, including the Bu guais...
Counselors, like Brett Chung...
Staff, like Bien Shu Shu...
Teachers, like Justine Kwan and Gao Lao Shi...


Phrases and Terms:



Camp Songs:






What are you waiting for? GO GO GO!!!

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