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Great Midwest Region #61 (also known simply as GMR) is a region located in Illinois, spanning Chicago and its suburbs. It's regional mascot is “‘Superman”’, and its regional color is red .


[edit] Chapters

GMR currently has twelve chapters in and around Chicago. Some chapters have both a meeting and event every week. Other chapters meet less often.

[edit] AZA

[edit] BBG

[edit] BBYO

[edit] Connect

GMR is also home of monthly Connect Events planned by its the BBYO Connect & Outreach Coordinator, and it's BBYO members.

[edit] Leadership

[edit] AZA Regional Board

[edit] BBG Regional Board

[edit] Advisors

GMR has twenty four advisors working with its chapters and the region as a whole. They are volunteers who give of their time to interpret BBYO policy as well as work with the elected leadership to guide the chapters and region. Advisors attend all chapter and regional events and are available as resources and mentors to regional members.

[edit] Regional Professional Staff

  • Senior Regional Director - Doug Winkelstein
  • Associate Regional Director - Brett Musick and Alana Ben-Zeev

[edit] History

BBYO in Chicago used to be known as the Illinois Council and Chicago Council, which made up the Great Midwest Region. In 2001, the councils merged into what is now known as the Great Midwest Region and continue to carry on the Region's unique traditions.

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